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A person who pays taxes.
  1. 'a waste of taxpayers' money'
  2. 'That is why taxpayers ' money is not being spent on an eradication attempt at this time.'
  3. 'Traffic calming measures across the centre of Devizes, what a waste of taxpayers ' money!'
  4. 'Should this benefit be conferred on the few at the cost of the taxpayer at large?'
  5. 'Who voted for these measures, for which the taxpayer has been forced to foot the bill?'
  6. 'How do the citizens and taxpayers of Utah benefit from your proposed legislation?'
  7. 'His spokesman added that the move would not cost taxpayers any extra money.'
  8. 'Is it ethical to waste the time of patients and staff and taxpayers ' money?'
  9. 'This way you can save the charity tax, and higher rate taxpayers can even cut their own personal tax bills.'
  10. 'If you're a higher-rate taxpayer, you get income tax relief on your dividends too.'
  11. 'A special dividend would have meant higher rate taxpayers would have had to pay additional tax.'

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1. a person who pays a tax or is subject to taxation.

2. a temporary building that yields rent sufficient only to pay the taxes on the property on which it stands.

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"willingnesses can be taxpayer."

"taxpayers can be taxpayer."

"groups can be taxpayer."

"equities can be taxpayer."

"advocates can be taxpayer."

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