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A motor vehicle licensed to transport passengers in return for payment of a fare and typically fitted with a taximeter.
  1. as modifier 'a taxi driver wanted five dollars to drive me to my hotel'
  2. 'But it was not until her husband Merrick, a taxi driver, returned from work around midnight that police were alerted.'
  3. 'I ran out of the house and took a taxi to the wharf.'
  4. 'And with that he hails a taxi to ferry him to the studio.'
  5. 'We never took a taxi; we took public transportation.'
  6. 'Dana got inside the taxi as I walked over to say goodbye.'
  7. 'This goes a long way towards undermining the railroads and any other public transportation except buses and taxis.'
  8. 'She leaned back into the taxi's lumpy seat and gave him a reassuring smile.'
  9. 'She'd kept up an almost incessant stream of chatter and commentary during the whole of the train ride from London, and then in the taxi to the dock.'
  10. 'A girl with brown hair that's pulled back into a ponytail is leaning in the passenger side of a taxi yelling at the driver.'
  11. 'Five children and the taxi driver were killed in the accident which was blamed on human error and an unroadworthy vehicle.'
  12. 'Rather than be robbed twice, first by the crooks and then by the police, he decided to get a motorbike taxi home and cut his losses.'
  13. 'Everybody else walks, takes a dhow or uses donkey taxis.'
  14. 'Into this gentle background music, roars a motorbike taxi, bringing one more tourist to share heaven with us.'
  15. 'When I catch a motorbike taxi in the morning, the regular guy who drives me literally punches the air and whoops when he sees me coming.'
  16. 'That evening they'll hire a taxi boat and go exploring.'
  17. 'For instance, a three-wheeler taxi purchased in Colombo for about 150,000 rupees is taxed 65,000 rupees.'
  18. 'Splash out by hiring a long-tail taxi boat for a personal tour of Bangkok's fascinating canals.'
  19. 'Even if you don't fancy the idea of living in a rock house without windows just a few feet from the ocean, Moonhole is well worth a visit either by dinghy or taxi.'
  20. 'A man died and six passengers were severely injured when a car and a minibus taxi collided here on Wednesday night.'
  21. 'At present, the City collects user fees from minibus taxi and bus operators.'


(of an aircraft) move slowly along the ground before take-off or after landing.
  1. 'Glinting in the pinkish sunlight, the aircraft taxied slowly across the busy airport and took off on schedule 25 minutes later.'
  2. 'Soon, the aircraft taxied down the runway, and took off into the clear horizon.'
  3. 'All eyes were on our aircraft as we taxied out of the landing area.'
  4. 'Incidentally, once the plane is taxiing out for takeoff, similar noises you hear are most likely the flaps and slats being extended for takeoff.'
  5. 'The plane, bound for Tenerife, had to be diverted to Lisbon but Beardsell started fighting with his girlfriend's brother in the galley as the aircraft taxied to a halt.'
  6. 'When your plane makes its soft water landing and taxis up to the dock at the Alderbrook Resort & Spa, life slows down.'
  7. 'During that time, restrictions were put on planes taxiing, taking off and landing at Frankfurt's Rhein-Main airport, and that trickled back through the system.'
  8. 'The California Highway Patrol discovered that its directives didn't allow for airplanes taxiing on public roads.'
  9. 'The local ground crew reset the gear as each aircraft taxied clear.'
  10. 'You actually feel this could be solid preparation for your first flying lesson, as the gravel-voiced military tutor takes you through taxiing, take-off, landing and air-to-air combat situations.'
  11. 'As soon as it was ready to be taxied I completed taxiing tests.'
  12. 'He taxied the TAF into the hanger and shut down the engines.'
  13. 'He taxied the jet into position and advanced the throttles to military power.'
  14. 'The three pilots taxied the plane onto a runway that had been closed for repairs, and in the process of taking off, slammed the aircraft into construction machinery.'
  15. 'At Desert One, all the C-130s had landed and were taxied into place.'
  16. 'Use caution in taxiing retractable-gear aircraft through slush or mud.'
  17. 'It became common practice to tow the Airacobras to the end of the runway rather than taxi them.'
  18. 'Some weeks before, he saw me taxi a P-40 out of the parking area and head for the active runway.'
  19. 'Unable to gain enough power to take off, the two airmen taxied the aircraft 15 miles back to Azuzeyih.'
  20. 'A No.75 Squadron pilot taxies a Hornet out on to the runway at RAAF Base Tindal for a mission during Exercise Aces North.'
Take a taxi as a means of transport.
  1. 'After a public transport nightmare, we swallowed our pride and taxied across the French countryside to Chenonceau for the real castle deal.'

More definitions

1. a taxicab. verb (used without object), taxied, taxiing or taxying.

2. to ride or travel in a taxicab.

3. (of an airplane) to move over the surface of the ground or water under its own power. verb (used with object), taxied, taxiing or taxying.

4. to cause (an airplane) to taxi.

More examples(as adjective)

"travels can be taxi."

"towns can be taxi."


Early 20th century: abbreviation of taxicab or taximeter cab (see taximeter).