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Definitions and examples

adverb & adjective

(of goods, income, etc.) exempt from tax.
  1. as adverb 'your return is paid to you tax-free'
  2. 'You take back a quarter of the new £125,000 contribution as a further tax-free cash lump sum.'
  3. 'When the city was declared a tax-free zone, there were equally high expectations.'
  4. 'But you can take only 25 per cent as a tax-free lump sum and the rest has to be taken as pension.'
  5. 'These will also grow tax-free and children will have unrestricted access to the funds once they are 18.'
  6. 'One of the most attractive elements of the Bahamas is the tax-free status accorded to income.'
  7. 'They will be able to accumulate significant tax-free incomes by doing so and help the economy.'
  8. 'A tax code is a way of dividing this tax-free income over the whole year.'
  9. 'If this money could be passed on to relatives tax-free, it would find its way back into the economy and benefit everyone.'
  10. 'The cash is tax-free, risk-free and there are no obligations other than following through your idea.'
  11. 'Foreign traders save money because the goods are tax-free while in the zones.'

More definitions

1. tax-exempt (def 1).

More examples(as adjective)

"trades can be taxfree."