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The levying of tax.
  1. as modifier 'a taxation system'
  2. 'Recent changes to taxation laws in Portugal have also increased interest in the region.'
  3. 'At present, we pay for roads indirectly through fuel and vehicle duties and council and national taxation.'
  4. 'It is hard not to conclude that our entire system of taxation is in danger of breaking down.'
  5. 'Many smokers would support action by the government to deal with the regressive nature of tobacco taxation.'
  6. 'Further measures are likely to follow, particularly in the area of corporate and capital taxation.'
  7. 'In effect, while not a tax, zakaah seems to be a more equitable form of levy than taxation on income.'
  8. 'They have added more taxes and more concessions, so that the taxation system is now a labyrinth.'
  9. 'As offensive as I find this system, it is not the basis for taxation in the United States today.'
  10. 'He has repeatedly said he wants to see a switch from indirect taxation to taxation on income.'
  11. 'Liberal Democrats want a fair system of local taxation related to ability to pay.'
  12. 'it should be financed out of taxation'
  13. 'Thanks to low taxation, alcohol in Japan is comparatively cheap and is consumed with vigour.'
  14. 'Those involved in Lets and time banks argue that no taxation should be due on the services traded.'
  15. 'Low taxation creates a virtuous circle, leading to more money and employment for all.'
  16. 'The problem arises when health spending is directed through the state, or is funded by taxation.'
  17. 'It's vital we reform local democracy so people regard local taxation as money well spent.'
  18. 'Tax on capital gains provides an incentive to place capital in the member country with the lowest level of taxation.'
  19. 'He claimed finance purely from taxation would be unable to fund the investment needed over the next few years.'
  20. 'The government can say taxation is at an all-time low but that is only true of direct taxation.'
  21. 'Tax is an interesting one, as the criticism is raised that high taxation reduces the incentive to make money.'
  22. 'The intention is to force up unemployment, drive down wages and reduce taxation.'

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1. the act of taxing.

2. the fact of being taxed.

3. a tax imposed.

4. the revenue raised by taxes.

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"systems can be taxation."

"policies can be taxation."

"regulations can be taxation."

"plans can be taxation."

"notes can be taxation."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘the assessment of a penalty or damages’; compare with tax): via Old French from Latin taxatio(n-), from taxare ‘to censure, charge’.