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An inn or public house.
  1. 'So that night we go do the show, which was in some basement tavern full of rednecks and bikers.'
  2. 'We had met Seamus a bit earlier over in the nearby Bull's Head tavern where some of the folks were dining.'
  3. 'The third supervises the tavern and the food and drink being served by her husbands.'
  4. 'A four-hour course and a booklet are being offered to restaurants, bars, taverns and sundry drinking establishments as of September.'
  5. 'With a few boxes like this one, he could buy that tavern he wanted and offer cool drinks in the summer.'
  6. 'They had stopped off at a local tavern for a drink and then called it a night.'
  7. 'Lynn sighed, and followed her, while Pip headed towards another tavern to find a drink.'
  8. 'A group of friends are having a drink in a tavern with Matthew among them.'
  9. 'After wandering for a while, Cathena stops by a small tavern for a drink and a bite to eat.'
  10. 'She leaves him to sleep outside until he has money to pay for the beer he has drunk in her tavern.'

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1. a place where liquors are sold to be consumed on the premises.

2. a public house for travelers and others; inn.

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"owners can be tavern."


Middle English: from Old French taverne, from Latin taberna ‘hut, tavern’. Compare with tabernacle.