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Stretched or pulled tight; not slack.
  1. 'Pull the knot taut, close to your head, and wrap the ends around the bun, securing with pins.'
  2. 'The aerial is stretched taut over the back of the sofa towards the TV.'
  3. 'In the rains it is stretched taut like an elastic band about to snap.'
  4. 'It's the kind that gets to looking like a huge green bubble of taut membrane, stretched to the limit, with redness that radiates outward.'
  5. 'Another piece, In Other Circumstances, consists of three immense curtains made of white paper squares joined with fishing gut, and stretched taut between floor and ceiling.'
  6. 'Then the glue was applied to the bottom EPS foam strip and gently pulled taut and glued into place allowing the cut strips to stretch suspended over the black background.'
  7. 'The wind whipped at her skirt pulling the material taut across her calves and thighs, outlining her shape as the marble of a statue.'
  8. 'Thankfully an eardrum is a flexible tissue stretched taut over the inner ear.'
  9. 'They would dance towards each other, each holding a sheet end, then back away, pulling the sheet taut between them, then advance again, and so on.'
  10. 'The forests were low, and the land stretched tight like taut buffalo skin.'
  11. 'my voice was taut with anger'
  12. 'She is a handsome woman - thin lips, taut facial muscles - who never lost her poise at her husband's funeral.'
  13. 'Normally, at times likes these, Montgomerie's nerves are so taut that it would be possible to play a guitar solo on them.'
  14. 'The Viking's huge muscles were nearly as taut as the bowstring itself as he strained in bringing it back into firing position.'
  15. 'It had great muscular arms, and powerful legs supported a thick body covered with taut muscle.'
  16. 'Therapeutic massage may also loosen taut muscles and calm frazzled nerves.'
  17. 'Nerves were taut and bodies turned and twisted under the scratchy blankets.'
  18. 'She's convinced that no matter how hard she works out, the skin that covers her taut biceps is growing daily more slack and wrinkly.'
  19. 'He said it was tense on board, people were jumpy and nerves were taut.'
  20. 'I recommend a day by the waves to anyone who's fraying their last taut nerve.'
  21. 'Royal Ballet star Ivan Putrov will be suspended on wires above a string quartet playing Tchaikovsky for a whole nine minutes while the audience gasp and marvel at those taut muscles and lean limbs.'
  22. 'The dances are exotic, taut, unusual and unpredictable but entirely controlled and elegant, sleek, streamlined.'
  23. 'At times his writing seems more like taut, elegant journalism than literary fiction.'
  24. 'But for the most part the music is taut, suffused with a ragged but determined power that has few equals among their contemporaries.'
  25. 'The writing is taut; but it reads like a boring history textbook in places.'
  26. 'In no time at all you'll be able to produce lots of taut, pertinent, orthographically enhanced web text, and all with only one hand.'
  27. 'Greatly influenced by DC hardcore forebears like Fugazi, QANU's music bristled with taut, pointed rhythms and impassioned verse.'
  28. 'The navigation is taut and the controls make perfect sense.'
  29. 'It was tough, tight and ultimately taut with tension throughout with neither side willing to risk anything.'
  30. 'Director Ryan Redford skilfully employs music, sound and montage to create a taut film.'
  31. 'All of which adds up to superb straight line stability, taut handling through curves, improved roll control and a prodigious ability to soak up bumps and smooth out potholes.'
  32. 'his language was salty and he ran a taut ship'


1. tightly drawn; tense; not slack.

2. emotionally or mentally strained or tense: taut nerves.

3. in good order or condition; tidy; neat.

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"shapes can be tauter."


(taut)Middle English tought ‘distended’, perhaps originally a variant of tough.