Adjective "taurine" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


An amino acid containing sulphur and important in the metabolism of fats.
  1. 'Also, only the liver, pancreas, kidney, and intestine exhibit full activity of the trans-sulfuration pathway that metabolizes homocysteine to cysteine and taurine.'
  2. 'Spiked with caffeine and taurine - an amino acid that increases the heart rate - its taste was like no other.'


Of or like a bull.
  1. 'The chief matador arms himself with two banderillas and proceeds to taunt the bull by himself assuming a taurine pose, banderillas poised above the head like horns.'
  2. 'But the number of animals with the protective adaptation is dwindling, as local farmers give up their taurine herds for large zebu animals.'
  3. 'taurine skill'



1. of, relating to, or resembling a bull.

2. pertaining to the zodiacal sign Taurus.


(taurine)Early 17th century: from Latin taurinus, from taurus ‘bull’.