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The nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet (Τ, τ), transliterated as ‘t’.
  1. 'Eqs. 3-5 are characterized by three parameters, namely sigma 0, tau, and alpha.'
  2. 'For example, in the modern version, beta is veta or vita; delta is thelta; zeta is zita; eta is ita; theta is thita; lambda is lamvtha; tau is taf.'
  3. 'It is another spacecraft, an interstellar explorer that charted the Tau Ceti and Epsilon Indi systems in the mid-twenty-second century.'
  4. 'Sitting in high orbit over New Edinburgh in the Tau Ceti system, watching the rings of the planet slowly spin beneath me was breath-taking.'
  5. 'The most likely destinations are the stars closest to Earth, such as Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri, Tau Ceti, and Epsilon Eridani.'
  6. 'Even at the deepest level we know, of elementary particles, charge seems to be an integral part of the particles, quarks (which form protons and neutrons, and other heavy particles) are charged, and so are electrons, muons, and taus.'
  7. 'SLAC physicists have won three Nobel prizes for discoveries of quarks and an elementary particle called the tau lepton, known today as fundamental building blocks of matter.'

More definitions

1. the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet (T, τ).

2. the consonant sound represented by this letter.

3. tav.

4. Also, tauon[tou-on]/ˈtaʊ ɒn/. Physics. tau lepton.

5. Also called tau protein. Biochemistry. a protein that is an important component of nerve cells, helping to maintain their function and structure: in the brain, distortions in the protein’s molecular shape is associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

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"neutrinos can be tau."