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Old and torn; in poor condition.
  1. figurative 'the tattered remnants of my pride'
  2. 'The labourers were in a bad condition, with tattered clothes and worn-out expressions.'
  3. 'They didn't provide much shelter, she noted, still soaked from the rain and with streaks of mud on her face and tattered clothes.'
  4. 'Rich men with tailored suits knelt by poor men in tattered clothes.'
  5. 'Mr Haw's collection of tattered banners covers 60 feet, and is an eyesore.'
  6. 'Sitting in his second-floor office down the tattered end of Islington, north London, he promises real change.'
  7. 'On a main road leading north of Kabul, another refugee pushed a cart piled high with pots and pans, a metal trunk and a few tattered carpets.'
  8. 'The South African flag is tattered and faded, is usually wrapped around the flagpole and looks a sorry sight.'
  9. 'Absinthe and tattered clothes are no longer the attributes of the new.'
  10. 'From her tattered old dress and boots full of holes, Josie knew this girl must not have much money.'
  11. 'Among them were both female and male, clothed in tattered dark garb, skin pale and sometimes scarred in the case of the males.'


1. torn to tatters; ragged: a tattered flag.

2. wearing ragged clothing: a tattered old man.

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"fabrics can be tattered as results."

"clothes can be tattered."

"exteriors can be tattered."

"tails can be tattered."

"reputations can be tattered."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘dressed in decoratively slashed or jagged clothing’): apparently originally from the noun tatter ‘scrap of cloth’ + -ed; later treated as a past participle.