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(of food) having a pleasant, distinct flavour.
  1. 'For example, you can make a simple but tasty sauce from overripe cherry tomatoes, onions and garlic.'
  2. 'Fans of strong flavours will love this tasty dessert, which I found it to be quite cakey and gooey.'
  3. 'The fish and meat flavours burst through the tasty sauce, and a dish of basmati rice proved to be a great partner.'
  4. 'The company scooped the top prize in the Best Yorkshire Speciality Food section for its tasty pies.'
  5. 'The fungus, which can be presented on tasty foods like grain, kills the pest when digested.'
  6. 'The restaurant claims to provide flavourful and tasty dishes, however things seemed opposite on the day of our visit.'
  7. 'Chefs and nutrition experts say Scots are wasting a prime source of healthy and tasty food on their doorstep by failing to support growers of soft fruit.'
  8. 'Although the chicken was a bit dry, it was saved by the smoky chipotle flavour and the tasty vegetables.'
  9. 'There's no way to tell the difference until you bite into it and get a hot mouthful of tasty cheese, onions and steak.'
  10. 'Basically, it serves reasonably priced fusion food, along with tasty burgers.'
Very attractive or appealing.
  1. 'a tasty young lady'
  2. 'a tasty profit margin of 42%'
  3. 'Instead of winning someone else's wife he got a tasty soft-top roadster.'
  4. 'However dismissive the supporters are of a move to Murrayfield, it would be a tasty venue for Champions League football next season.'
  5. 'no one messes with me—I'm a little bit tasty, know what I mean?'
  6. 'A few of the other ravers were now looking on, expecting something tasty to happen.'
  7. 'Scrums against the French were especially tasty.'
  8. 'I found myself driving to South Wales with Big Don, a 6′9″ photographer who was considered tasty enough to handle any aggravation that might break out.'
  9. 'Alf's a tasty geezer in a bundle on account of being so fast and together and built like a rhino, but bright he ain't.'
  10. 'In this country, the bloke′ll only start if he′s tasty enough, and even then, he won′t do you in because he knows if he does and he does you bad, he′ll go to prison.'
  11. 'Well, things certainly are getting a bit tasty out there, Chris.'


1. good-tasting; savory: a tasty canapé.

2. Informal. having or showing good taste; tasteful.

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"people can be tasty after alls."

"foods can be tasty."

"morsels can be tasty."

"meals can be tasty."

"people can be tasty."

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