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A gathering at which people sample, compare, and evaluate different wines, or other drinks or food.
  1. 'The tastings really are labour of love and a gift to the wine community, as Dry River's loyal mail list members snap up nearly all the output in advance.'
  2. 'Around 100 local markets and food and drink tastings have been arranged around the country to coincide with the campaign.'
  3. 'Behind me are two big high-street tastings: Tesco, which fielded 100 wines, and Somerfield with 134.'
  4. 'Hoping it might help, she joined a church group, went to wine and beer tastings, and tried organized parties.'
  5. 'Best of all may be Emmons' advice on organized tastings.'
  6. 'The tastings are not as much as a money-drain as one might think.'
  7. 'A culinary festival will feature workshops, wine and food tastings, and dining specials with guest chefs from around the world.'
  8. 'I will be hosting tastings of summer cheeses and giving summer entertaining tips at Fortnum & Mason on Friday from noon to 1pm.'
  9. 'It is one of the largest tastings in the area featuring 500 wines.'
  10. 'To combat that, Asfour, says they keep the classes and tastings casual and set them up in a space where people can walk around and be social.'

More definitions

1. to try or test the flavor or quality of (something) by taking some into the mouth: to taste food.

2. to eat or drink a little of: She barely tasted her dinner.

3. to eat or drink (often used in negative constructions): He hadn't tasted food for three days.

4. to perceive or distinguish the flavor of: to taste the wine in a sauce.

5. to have or get experience, especially a slight experience: these young men who had only begun to taste

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"successes can be tasting."

"tablets can be tasting."

"foods can be tasting."

"discussions can be tasting."

"coffees can be tasting."

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