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Lacking flavour.
  1. 'Their blueberry sauce managed to be thick but watery and tasteless at the same time.'
  2. 'Mr Gray has previously called for supermarkets to stock more British fruit and he even branded French apples tasteless and unappetising.'
  3. 'I hope their bland, tasteless products never pass my lips ever again.'
  4. 'She found the pancake bland and tasteless and, having sampled a corner, I had to agree.'
  5. 'According to him, broiler or farm chicken is as good as vegetables, but tasteless and bland, however well they may be prepared.'
  6. 'People often complain that tomatoes sold in supermarkets are bland and tasteless compared with those fresh from the vine.'
  7. 'We settled for lager - and got the most insipid, tasteless liquid I've swallowed in a long time.'
  8. 'When you actually buy a pint of this lager, it is generally weak and tasteless: not good beer at all.'
  9. 'Lettuce has got to be one of the most tasteless bland things it is possible to eat.'
  10. 'When doctors recommend lowering the salt in your diet, it doesn't mean your food has to be tasteless and bland.'
Considered to be lacking in aesthetic judgement or to constitute inappropriate behaviour.
  1. 'There is no doubt that certain adverts will be found to be tasteless, insulting, or offensive to certain people - even large groups of people.'
  2. 'He he to admit that the models for the baby clothes are adorable, but there are a whole series of tasteless jokes that could be made here.'
  3. 'The results can be tasteless, offensive, adolescent, and often counterproductive.'
  4. 'Apart from being a rather tasteless joke, this is blatantly untrue.'
  5. 'We all remain firmly in the grip of influential, tasteless oafs.'
  6. 'It is certainly tasteless and quite funny in a gross out kind of way.'
  7. 'This site is tasteless, pointless, daft, offensive - and worth checking out.'
  8. 'Crude and tasteless, the film showed no let-up of violence against women and cast aspersions on the morals of working women.'
  9. 'I now regret that totally tasteless and inappropriate joke about his singing that managed to work its way into the copy.'
  10. 'The artist who complained to the county said the painting is offensive and tasteless.'


1. having no taste or flavor; insipid.

2. dull; uninteresting.

3. lacking in aesthetic quality or capacity; devoid of good taste: a houseful of tasteless furnishings; a tasteless director of stale, dreary films.

4. lacking in politeness, seemliness, tact, etc.; unmannerly; insensitive: a tasteless remark.

5. lacking the physical sense of taste.

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"people can be tasteless as meats."

"foods can be tasteless as anies."

"chantings can be tasteless."

"pornographies can be tasteless."

"personaliseds can be tasteless."

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