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A tuft of loosely hanging threads or cords knotted at one end and attached for decoration to soft furnishings, clothing, or other items.
  1. 'Their traditional loincloths are sometimes decorated with bright tassels and pompoms.'
  2. 'The New Testament records that observant Judeans wore decorations called tassels on their garments.'
  3. 'She wore a bright red dress that fell to her knees in length, with black petticoats adorned with gold colored tassels.'
  4. 'It had curtains of velvety maroon, which were tied back with gold tassels.'
  5. 'Accessorize with tassels, decorative tie-backs and other touches.'
  6. 'The flag hung from a gold-painted dowel and was adorned with gold tassels.'
  7. 'They had tassels of gold strung on their painted horns.'
  8. 'Wrap tassel drapery cords around the pillow and tie them to the chair.'
  9. 'He was garbed in a thick robe of blood red, trimmed with a golden thread and tassels.'
  10. 'She rode her bike closer to him, clutching the white handles with the decorative purple and pink tassels hanging from it.'
  11. 'the pollen forms on the tassel'
  12. 'Their evidence that it represents a new species is based on differences in ecology and tassel and plant morphology.'
  13. 'Flames rush through patches of cane, burning off extraneous tassels and blades, leaving only the sucrose-rich stalks.'
  14. 'Bacterial stalk rot can affect the plant at any node from the soil surface up to the ear leaves and tassels.'
  15. 'In the maize tassel, gibberellin concentration is 100-fold lower than in the developing ears.'
  16. 'Everyone loves the drooping fragrant lilac tassels of Wisteria, but it is not a plant for a small garden, particularly as your neighbour may not relish a Wisteria invasion.'
  17. 'Also counted was the number of tassel branches of each plant, including the main spike.'
  18. 'Older hybrids had large tassels producing pollen up to two weeks.'
  19. 'He peeled back a tassel, exposing irregular kernels.'
  20. 'Symptoms occur on all plant tissues, including leaves, tassels, ears, and less commonly on stalks.'
  21. 'Fresh pollen was collected from anthers on plants by gently tapping the stems of plants while holding a collecting tray below the tassels.'


Provide with a tassel or tassels.
  1. 'The focus of the voyeuristic mirror's gaze are two plump, tasselled purple cushions which are probably intended to serve as pillows.'
  2. 'Florence's instrument looks to be covered with a tasseled cloth.'
  3. 'For the most drama, try using deep eggplant in a single piece of furniture, such as a sofa or perhaps a trio of tasseled pillows.'
  4. 'The men wore loose tunics and breeches, both in lovely colours, and wide tasselled sashes and embroidered vests.'
  5. 'Zouave dress of short, embroidered jacket, baggy trousers and tasselled cap was copied by regiments on both sides in the American civil war.'
  6. 'He does not, under any circumstances, wear tasseled loafers.'
  7. 'She gathered her tasseled silk shawl around her and hurried to the sofas by the roaring fire.'
  8. 'He often incorporated sofa-lined niches or low-lying daybeds abundantly piled with tasseled cushions.'
  9. 'Tony had brought in a low table, and rich, velvety, tasseled cushions.'
  10. 'I repeat, this is not a man who should be describing others as wearing pink tasseled slippers and conical hats covered in polka dots.'
(of maize or other plants) form tassels.
  1. 'However, last year corn leaf aphids remained abundant in some field after tasseling, and the feeding appeared to cause death of the tissues fed upon.'
  2. 'If an insecticide treatment is warranted in corn fields, it should be made when 95% of the plants in a field have tasseled.'
  3. 'Most dryland corn will tassel when plants are 3-4 feet tall.'
  4. 'The high temperatures came right during the critical corn tasseling and silking stage.'
  5. 'Also, studies have shown that water stress early in corn has much less of an impact on yield than water stress during tasseling.'
  6. 'Corn tasseling started last week in many fields.'
  7. 'If supplies are limited, you may want to delay water application until the crop begins to tassel.'
  8. 'And now as August draws to a close, many of us are wondering whether there will be enough warm days left to mature the corn that is just barely tasseling.'
  9. 'Corn began to tassel across much of the state this week just as the record-breaking heat wave gave in to several days of ‘brisk’ summer temperatures in the 80s.'
  10. 'The maize in her two lima plot is already in its tasseling stage and according to her, green maize should be ready between late January and early February.'


A small piece of stone or wood supporting the end of a beam or joist.

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    1. a pendent ornament consisting commonly of a bunch of threads, small cords, or other strands hanging from a roundish knob or head, used on clothing, in jewelry, on curtains, etc.

    2. something resembling this, as the inflorescence of certain plants, especially that at the summit of a stalk of corn. verb (used with object), tasseled, tasseling or (especially British) tasselled, tasselling.

    3. to furnish or adorn with tassels.

    4. to form into a tassel or tassels.

    5. to remove the ta

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    "cords can be tasselled."

    "curtains can be tasselled."

    "visiteses can be tasselled."

    "triangles can be tasselled."

    "stockings can be tasselled."

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    (tassel)Mid 17th century: from obsolete French, from Latin taxillus ‘small die’.