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A piece of work to be done or undertaken.
  1. 'If the public does not trust the political system then our task is made doubly difficult.'
  2. 'It was a difficult task, he said, but so far they had managed to stay on top of it.'
  3. 'Youngsters find learning to blow their nose one of the most difficult of childhood tasks.'
  4. 'My brother has been undertaking the same task, for the last few days, in York.'
  5. 'These are very difficult tasks, but they're too important to leave just to women.'
  6. 'Controlling the diet of a child is a difficult task and depends on age and personality.'
  7. 'That the task remains difficult does not mean the effort is not worthwhile.'
  8. 'The staff could be used weekly or monthly to undertake routine and repetitive tasks.'
  9. 'They say that retaining a county championship is a difficult task to say the least.'
  10. 'One of the most difficult tasks of childhood is learning how to resist social pressure.'


Assign a task to.
  1. 'Now the group, which is tasked with monitoring stop and search use in Lewisham, is planning an educational video so young people are fully aware of their rights.'
  2. 'While Porter heads for the mainland to get the boat repaired, Sandy is tasked with a load of chores.'
  3. 'There's a special division of career Justice Department officials who are tasked with doing this kind of work.'
  4. 'A planned conference committee hearing has been tasked with resolving these conflicting numbers.'
  5. 'Each student group was tasked with carrying out a market research project and produced a marketing plan for their assigned client company.'
  6. 'The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was tasked with providing advice to States on the implementation of the Platform for Action.'
  7. 'Occasionally, I was tasked with cleaning the room and re-inventorying the canned goods.'
  8. 'The talented team of lighting, stage and sound technicians are tasked with bringing to life the first ever performances in the Orangery.'
  9. 'Hammond was tasked with moving in to make necessary changes.'
  10. 'Every local authority in London has been tasked with increasing recycling and Lewisham was targeted to reach 10 per cent.'
  11. 'it tasked his diplomatic skill to effect his departure in safety'

More definitions

1. a definite piece of work assigned to, falling to, or expected of a person; duty.

2. any piece of work.

3. a matter of considerable labor or difficulty.

4. Obsolete. a tax or impost. verb (used with object)

5. to subject to severe or excessive labor or exertion; put a strain upon (powers, resources, etc.).

6. to impose a task on.

7. Obsolete. to tax. adjective

8. of or relating to a task or tasks: A task chart will help organize the department's work. Idioms 9. take to

More examples(as adjective)

"officials can be tasked."


(task)Middle English: from an Old Northern French variant of Old French tasche, from medieval Latin tasca, alteration of taxa, from Latin taxare ‘censure, charge’ (see tax). An early sense of the verb was ‘impose a tax on’.


take someone to task