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Like or covered with tar.
  1. 'The bleached wood floor is covered in tarry splats.'
  2. 'Once ejected, the tarry comets would simply suck up visible light, he says, remaining cloaked in darkness.'
  3. 'The rain is cold as it hits my bare arms, and steam rises from the hot concrete, a bitter tarry smell that has been the scent of every wet summer of my life.'
  4. 'Its current owner removed the tarry dirt to reveal a stupendous new Titian.'
  5. 'Keeldra in Leitrim failed to meet the national standard for both tarry residues and transparency.'
  6. 'Evidence of methane rainfall came from Huygens's images of the surface, which showed sinuous, branching channels extending from relatively bright highlands to a tarry plain.'
  7. 'Two days after the flood, I heard loud banging noises once again, went to the kitchen and found the stabiliser burning like a torch and emitting heavy, tarry smoke.'
  8. 'Coupled with the bad weather a tarry substance has appeared on some beaches and made things unpleasant for bathers.'
  9. 'Back then, as is true today, we didn't know if we're going to land on ice or in a liquid methane-ethane ocean or a tarry gooey surface.'
  10. 'Symptoms are either visibly red stools or tarry black stools.'


Stay longer than intended; delay leaving a place.
  1. 'One of our great poets has well and finely said that freedom is not a gift that tarries long in the hands of cowards.'
  2. 'Ariana looked into Darren's eyes and said calmly, ‘I've tarried here far too long.’'
  3. 'But thou shouldst not tarry here for thine own sake.'


1. to remain or stay, as in a place; sojourn: He tarried in Baltimore on his way to Washington.

2. to delay or be tardy in acting, starting, coming, etc.; linger or loiter.

3. to wait. verb (used with object), tarried, tarrying.

4. Archaic. to wait for. noun, plural tarries.

5. a stay; sojourn.

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"hoods can be tarry."

"stools can be tarry."

"smokes can be tarry."

"ropes can be tarry."

"keeps can be tarry."

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(tarry)Middle English: of unknown origin.