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A tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports.
  1. 'So while the Constitution empowered the federal government to levy taxes, it limited this power mostly to indirect taxes like tariffs, duties, and excise taxes.'
  2. 'The decision by the Confederacy in February 1861 to levy a tariff on the import of goods provoked a discussion about the expanding trade between the Upper and Lower South.'
  3. 'Even though 99 per cent of the high-end watches in the China market are imported, the tax authorities can only collect the watch tariff and value-added tax, he said.'
  4. 'The introduction of Value Added Tax in July 1999 enabled the government to remove tariffs and import duties.'
  5. 'The US last month said it will levy tariffs on most steel imports to give its domestic industry time to rebuild.'
  6. 'Social Security taxes, excise levies, tariffs, and other duties are regressive - their effective rates decline as income goes up.'
  7. 'Foreign affiliate sales that stem from FDI are not subject to import tariffs or other trade barriers, in contrast to U.S. exports of similar products.'
  8. 'Lumber and steel prices spent most of the second quarter adjusting to the impact of U.S.-imposed duties and tariffs on imports that went into effect near the end of the first quarter.'
  9. 'But as long as America coddles its grain farmers, other nations won't drop import tariffs on U.S. meat.'
  10. 'Farm exporters are seeking substantial cuts in tariffs on agricultural imports as well as related subsidies, but importers are in favor of gradual reform.'
  11. 'Port tariffs are essentially price lists that encompass all the services and facilities provided by a port.'
  12. 'Technology Telecom says its customers can save 20 per cent compared to BT's business tariffs and a 5 per cent discount on BT line charges.'
  13. 'PIC will be sold to telcos who will sell the units, or cover their cost through broadband connection tariffs, to the users.'
  14. 'The research was carried out to promote Vodafone's new tariffs for small business.'
  15. 'Orange is marketing the SPV M1000 at business users, with calls and GPRS data connections billed according to the network's business tariffs.'
  16. 'He said even with the new tariffs the company will still not be able to meet its operational costs, but they will still go a long way.'
  17. 'Because Enron's aggressive pricing had helped bring down tariffs, businesses and domestic consumers will have to pay more for their energy this winter.'
  18. 'Responding to media speculation about the price increases, the Energy Ministry last Friday rejected reports that it was considering cancelling night tariffs for electricity.'
  19. 'Pikitup's tariffs for business premises are R144 a month for a 240-litre bin and R164 for a 100-litre bin.'
  20. 'Many United States and multilateral institutions promote business by lowering tariffs and offering loans and consultations.'
  21. 'It's not a simple business: tariffs must be constantly reduced if the company is to stay competitive and overheads have to be brought down sharply.'
  22. 'His murderer was given two life sentences with a tariff of 18 years.'
  23. 'This decision by the Home Secretary meant that prisoners could spend several years more in prison than was justified by the tariff for the crime they had committed.'
  24. 'You were convicted by a jury in 1984 of murder of your common-law wife and sentenced to life imprisonment, with the tariff set at 12 years.'


Fix the price of (something) according to a tariff.
  1. 'On May 12, 1988 the Department of Public Service filed comments on the service, recommending that the Commission change the ANI tariff to require that one service component, Pay-Per-View (PPV) service, be tariffed rather than priced on an individual case basis.'

More definitions

1. an official list or table showing the duties or customs imposed by a government on imports or exports.

2. the schedule or system of duties so imposed.

3. any duty or rate of duty in such a list or schedule.

4. any table of charges, as of a railroad, bus line, etc.

5. bill; cost; charge. verb (used with object)

6. to subject to a tariff.

7. to put a valuation on according to a tariff.

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"measures can be tariff."

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"policies can be tariff."

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Late 16th century (also denoting an arithmetical table): via French from Italian tariffa, based on Arabic ‘arrafa ‘notify’.