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A vetch, especially the common vetch.
  1. 'The juniors are fishing at Rawcliffe Lake on a Tuesday evening at present where lots of roach are taking an interest in hemp and tares.'
  2. 'This year I'm using winter tares - a winter hardy vetch which will fix nitrogen and provide good protection, but in the past I've also used clovers, buckwheat, phacelia and grazing rye.'
(in biblical use) an injurious weed resembling corn when young (Matt. 13:24–30).
  1. 'Some recover and go on to ‘produce a good crop,’ while others become weeds, or tares in God's field, of whom Jesus Christ made a dire warning in another of His parables.'
  2. 'Here the significance of each detail of the parable of the tares is explained.'


An allowance made for the weight of the packaging in order to determine the net weight of goods.
  1. 'The tare weight of a 463L pallet is about 300 pounds.'
  2. 'Tare weight is often published upon the sides of railway cars to facilitate the computation of the load carried.'
  3. 'Side loading eliminated the need to drive over the deck to reach other flat cars, so it was eliminated, along with its expense, and more importantly, tare weight.'
  4. 'This tag is used to identify automatically the vehicle and its relevant tare mass, after which the gross mass is determined by weighbridge instrumentation.'

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1. any of various vetches, especially Vicia sativa.

2. the seed of a vetch.

3. Bible. a noxious weed, probably the darnel.

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"weighings can be tare."


(tare)Late Middle English: from French, literally ‘deficiency, tare’, from medieval Latin tara, based on Arabic ṭaraḥa ‘reject, deduct’.