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The action of striking against something with a quick light blow or blows, or a sound made in this way.
  1. 'there was a tapping at the door'
  2. 'What seemed like seconds later, she was roused from her sleep by the sound of tapping.'
  3. 'The sound of my knife tapping is pathetically minute.'
  4. 'Somehow, she had hope for the sound of her tapping to come to her ears, but then again, she still was dubious.'
  5. 'The character of the sound elicited by tapping was, thus, indicative of the state of health of the underlying tissues.'
  6. 'I felt a tapping on my shoulder and turned around.'
  7. 'But as soon as she saw what the tapping was, she grew irritated.'
  8. 'She awoke to the sound of a fierce tapping on her door.'
  9. 'I noticed him stealing looks in my direction every few seconds and I realized that my squirming and tapping was annoying him.'
  10. 'The sounds of my father's constant tapping against the floor were the only noise in the room, which made everything more terrifying.'


An electrical connection made to some point between the end terminals of a transformer coil or other component.

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    1. the act of a person or thing that taps or strikes lightly.

    2. the sound produced by this.

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    "markets can be tapping."

    "reserves can be tapping."

    "calls can be tapping."

    "opportunities can be tapping."

    "muds can be tapping."

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