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A starchy substance in the form of hard white grains, obtained from cassava and used in cooking for puddings and other dishes.
  1. 'You don't need to know what I think of tapioca, even with vanilla, coconut, and anise.'
  2. 'Coat the fish with tapioca starch, patting off any excess, place in the fryer, and cook until golden brown, about five minutes.'
  3. 'The buffet each day is complete with desserts made of tapioca, pumpkin, coconut, and bananas.'
  4. 'For the tempura batter, in a medium bowl, combine the flour, tapioca starch, salt, and sugar and stir well to combine.'
  5. 'For dessert, buttermilk panna cotta sprinkled with citrus wedges and toasted pine nuts is a far cry from mom's tapioca.'
  6. 'A basic meal comprises a starch food, preferably soft or hard taro, tapioca, or rice, and a protein food, normally fish.'
  7. 'I ate three containers of tapioca pudding when I got there just to make sure.'
  8. 'He never told the commissary to make tapioca pudding no matter how often I asked.'
  9. 'At breakfast time manioc is eaten in two forms: in a dried powder or in tapioca pancakes.'
  10. 'For the tapioca blini: In a bowl, whisk together flour, melted butter, beer and egg whites; season with salt and pepper.'

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1. a food substance prepared from cassava in granular, flake, pellet (pearl tapioca) or flour form, used in puddings, as a thickener, etc.

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Early 18th century: from Tupi-Guarani tipioca, from tipi ‘dregs’ + og, ok ‘squeeze out’.