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A successful fashion model who has reached the status of a celebrity.
  1. 'They hide their soccer magazines, and pictures of American supermodels, under their beds.'
  2. 'When she turns up she freely points out that she is not a supermodel, merely a ‘catalogue’ not a ‘catwalk’ type.'
  3. 'After all, he's used to working with supermodels.'
  4. 'It-bags are now must-have items for supermodels and sales assistants alike.'
  5. 'There's lots of supermodels and glamour out there in TV and in magazine ads.'
  6. 'I ask him when he first realised that he was a successful film-maker, and that he could now date supermodels and afford as many cappuccinos as he pleased.'
  7. 'O'Brian felt she gained many personal insights from the experience, realizing most people are not slender, beautiful supermodels but are, instead, average human beings with imperfect bodies.'
  8. 'But supermodels are scarce and their talents are remarkable.'
  9. 'Their videos evoked a glamorous existence, globetrotting around tropical locations; they were sharply dressed; they went out with supermodels; their lead singer had nearly drowned in a yacht race.'
  10. 'On more than one occasion, he scuttles off with an item and swaps it for the fat free version, so that by the time we get to the checkout, I am stuck with a selection that would've left a supermodel hungry.'

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1. an extremely prominent and successful model who can command very high fees.

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"stars can be supermodel."

"outs can be supermodel."

"mosses can be supermodel."

"statuses can be supermodel."

"hits can be supermodel."

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