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Of various kinds; several.
  1. 'What ties together these sundry ingredients is the vision of delivering information through any medium, anywhere in the world, at any time.'
  2. 'At the same time, one should note that their presentation on spreadsheets produced with sundry software, is slightly primitive and ‘clunky.’'
  3. 'Apart from inspecting the (not inconsiderable) salaries of special advisers and sundry spin-doctors, they make pretty dull reading.'
  4. 'It was a wonderfully woozy night, and she DJed with a deft touch, moving in and out of the vinyl grooves, merging sundry vibes and keeping the headspace at a nice high.'
  5. 'Music is parsed as pieces or works, with movements and sections, and ultimately with sundry units that become smaller and smaller, making music a collection of larger things composed of smaller things.'
  6. 'To make the play less hackneyed, the teenagers also impersonate a number of other characters, including a yardie pimp with whom both are involved, and sundry members of their own or another, hostile posse.'
  7. 'So is it a company that builds and sells operating systems, or is its core business flogging sundry services and stuff to you?'
  8. 'These are adjoining castles built from the eleventh to thirteenth centuries by sundry lords of Merle.'
  9. 'To take dry facts, the occasional anecdote and reams of information from sundry sources, and weave them together into a narrative that is both interesting and informative can be a daunting task.'
  10. 'Comic interludes and sundry distractions prevent the magnetic theme of love-even in Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and King Lear-from attracting all the iron filings, as it were.'


Various items not important enough to be mentioned individually.
  1. 'You end up going home with a couple of sundries, a chocolate bar, a packet of crisp and a bottle of juice for fifty bucks.'
  2. 'The 33-year old distributor supplies a wide range of brand-name cosmetics, toiletries, hair care and sundries to over a thousand chemists throughout Ireland.'
  3. 'Total weight is around 2kg and the carry bag fits easily into my backpack while still allowing room for general daily sundries such as wallet, keys, lunch, magazines, etc.'
  4. 'Toiletries and sundries at $400 per month are excessive.'


    1. various or diverse: sundry persons. Idioms

    2. all and sundry, everybody, collectively and individually: Free samples were given to all and sundry.

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    "payments can be sundry."

    "items can be sundry."

    "properties can be sundry."

    "people can be sundry."

    "works can be sundry."

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    Old English syndrig ‘distinct, separate’; related to sunder.