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The star round which the earth orbits.
  1. 'he watched the sun go down over the sea'
  2. 'There is not one track on this album that doesn't pay ultimate tribute to the sun and the glory it brings to our lives.'
  3. 'Make sure you head back to the city in good time, though, you would not want to get stuck in this wilderness, even in the late spring and summer when the sun hardly sets.'
  4. 'Ptolemy's view that all planets and the sun orbited the earth, was no longer a real option.'
  5. 'In 1705 Halley showed that the comet, which is now called after him, moved in an elliptical orbit round the sun.'
  6. 'Galileo was charged with heresy by the Christian church for having the temerity to suggest that the earth went round the sun.'
  7. 'One of his ideas was that the movement of the Earth round the sun meant that the Earth moved towards and then away from the star causing it to brighten and fade.'
  8. 'Meteors are usually pieces of asteroids which orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter.'
  9. 'I was walking in those woods on Christmas Day just as the sun was going down.'
  10. 'Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, earth and moon are lined up, and the moon moves into the earth's shadow.'
  11. 'This is nonsense, because time is a man-made convention based on the movement of the earth about its axis and orbit around the sun.'
  12. 'Remember, our solar system is contained within the Milky Way galaxy which in turn is comprised of many other planets, suns and stars!'
  13. 'Astronomers hope to study the structure and evolution of the Universe, and to search for planetary systems around other suns.'
  14. 'Circles are the subject matter of her new work and she uses them to explore her fascination with planets, moons, suns, fireballs and comets.'
  15. 'Around stars where the light that reaches us started out only hundreds or thousands of years ago, the South African Large Telescope can search for planets around suns too distant for lesser telescopes.'
  16. 'The only light was shining in from the viewing window, from two of the planet's suns; the third hadn't yet risen.'
  17. 'How can you anyone think, with all the countless billions of suns in the universe, that we could be alone?'
  18. 'The LBT will be used for everything from tracing the universe back to its origins to trying to capture visual images of planets circling distant suns.'
  19. 'Astronomers are now finding compelling evidence that smaller and smaller planets orbit distant suns.'
  20. 'In fact, there were quite a few stories about planets with two suns.'
  21. 'A Caltech researcher has identified a planet that has three suns.'
The light or warmth received from the earth's sun.
  1. 'Buy them in bloom, and plant them in full sun (light afternoon shade in hot climates).'
  2. 'It was our first clear day; the sun was turning the tops of the peaks gold.'
  3. 'With no shelter from the sun, and little food or water, people became ill.'
  4. 'The pool was usually filled with swimmers, spellbound by the cool shower that tamed the summer sun.'
  5. 'Deciduous trees or vines will allow partial access to the winter sun and shade in summer.'
  6. 'The promenade was often crowded with gentlemen and ladies, shaded from the summer sun by parasols, and children scurrying on the beach.'
  7. 'Plant it in an area which receives full sun, digging it into soil which has been improved with the addition of compost and manure.'
  8. 'But my child is only young, and is unable to apply lotion or cream properly and regularly in order to be protected from the sun on a hot summer day.'
  9. 'Many of those dissenting voices seem to wonder how, given the precarious financial situation, the players can jet off to the sun for four days.'
  10. 'It is like working on a chain gang in the hot sun, all day long.'
  11. 'the rhetoric faded before the sun of reality'
  12. 'There is little doubt that Erris deserve their day in the sun but what made this victory extra special was the manner in which it was achieved.'
  13. 'The sun of the Roman Empire set, so to speak, in the East, and it is to Byzantium we must turn our eyes for the continuation of the art of horsemanship as of the Fine Arts.'
A day or a year.
  1. 'After many suns the fighting stopped and the people came back again, but the beautiful valley of the great river was all changed.'
  2. 'Five suns passed, and still another five suns had risen and set, and yet no braves returned.'


Sit or lie in the sun.
  1. 'For the Indian security forces, whose speedboats, armed with heavy machine guns, cruised past visitors sunning themselves on the lake's famous house boats, the coming of summer means just one thing: the start of the fighting season.'
  2. 'Even if you're not sunning yourself at the beach, the sun's UV rays are still powerful enough to do permanent damage, especially to children's sensitive skin.'
  3. 'The camera follows her heading home on a dirt road, exchanging greetings with an old man squatting on a haystack, and passing old women sunning at the village boundary stones.'
  4. 'Floor plans for the Terrace Lofts are similar to those of the Main Street Lofts, but with an added emphasis on outdoor entertaining or sunning on oversized terraces.'
  5. 'While other children were sunning themselves on beaches in Brittany or sending postcards from Greece, we were getting drenched at Culloden or counting midge-bites by Loch Arkaig.'
  6. 'Editors and managing directors can theoretically produce the papers for weeks on end while the owner suns himself in Palm Beach or the South of France.'
  7. 'He and his lovely wife, Deedee, have settled into a serene retirement where their days consist of shopping, eating and sunning.'
  8. 'When the campers arrive in Varna and Balchik, they will not just be sunning themselves on the beach.'
  9. 'You can spend hours combing the waters edge surfacing and sunning for a while at any one of many exit docks where there are chairs to enjoy the green jungle view.'
  10. 'There was an oversized red lizard sunning itself on a rock, a wolf was in the shade of a giant tree drinking from the river, an eagle was perched in a tree above the wolf, and a dolphin was in the river.'
  11. 'the birds are sunning their wings'
  12. 'The other memory is of a small group of turkey vultures that, every morning, sunned their wings in a dead oak tree next to our house in Oakland where I grew up.'
  13. 'Like many other Shanghai residents, housewife Sheng Chongming has sunned clothes and quilts from her balcony for dozens of years.'

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1. (often initial capital letter) the star that is the central body of the solar system, around which the planets revolve and from which they receive light and heat: its mean distance from the earth is about 93 million miles (150 million km), its diameter about 864,000 miles (

1.4 million km), and its mass about 330,000 times that of the earth; its period of surface rotation is about 26 days at its equator but longer at higher latitudes.

2. the sun considered with reference to its position

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Old English sunne, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zon and German Sonne, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek hēlios and Latin sol.


against the sun
one's day (or moment or time) in the sun
on which the sun never sets
shoot the sun
under the sun
with the sun