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The season or period of summer.
  1. 'Blowing bubbles was always a favorite pastime during the summertime.'
  2. 'That's the hardest thing for me, to keep the weight on during the summertime.'
  3. 'Most people don't realize that the only way you can show improvement in the season is by doing it in the summertime.'
  4. 'If ever in Vegas in the summertime make it a point to stop at Pink Beach!'
  5. 'He lives here during the summertime, and during part of the winter.'
  6. 'During summertime, especially in Saint Petersburg, the ducks and geese love to swim.'
  7. 'I was tempted to use the oven, but decided it would be foolish to use the oven in the summertime before a party.'
  8. 'As it was the summertime, all the windows in the train were open.'
  9. 'In the summertime, they head for open water where females scatter the eggs and males fertilize them.'
  10. 'Stella always knew who we were and would ask after my grandparents even though we were only there in the summertime for a couple of weeks.'

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1. the summer season.

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