Adjective "sufficient" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples

determiner & adjective

Enough; adequate.
  1. as determiner 'they had sufficient resources to survive'
  2. 'If I had not had sufficient cash on me I would have had to find my own way to the nearest cash machine.'
  3. 'The case was adjourned because the court did not have sufficient powers to deal with him.'
  4. 'Check with your plumber that the style you like gives sufficient output to heat the room.'
  5. 'If it can do all that in sufficient numbers, it might be enough to start spooking its rivals.'
  6. 'Although he did not name her, there was sufficient detail for her to be traced by the media.'
  7. 'That experience was sufficient to prove to me that handling these big schemes is no easy matter.'
  8. 'This does not seem to be sufficient to warrant a conclusion that one is more readable than the other.'
  9. 'Jam and fudge will be available during the interval and a quiz will be held if there is sufficient time.'
  10. 'This would not happen if we had sufficient staff and resources to do our job properly.'
  11. 'For Susan a single treatment was sufficient for a breakthrough in her health due to her youth.'

More definitions

1. adequate for the purpose; enough: sufficient proof; sufficient protection.

2. Logic. (of a condition) such that its existence leads to the occurrence of a given event or the existence of a given thing.Compare necessary (def 4c).

3. Archaic. competent.

More examples(as adjective)

"supplies can be sufficient on markets."

"supplies can be sufficient at moments."

"reserves can be sufficient for things."

"majorities can be sufficient for mergers."

"flows can be sufficient for projects."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘legally satisfactory’): from Old French, or from Latin sufficient- ‘meeting the need of’ (see suffice).