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Support (an organization or activity) financially.
  1. 'He said the Government's decision to reduce duties on the items was to lower the cost of food prices at the cash register and not to subsidise businesses.'
  2. 'It does not make good business sense for the country to have taxpayers subsidize these activities any more than other hobbies.'
  3. 'And a proportion of profit from the treks goes into a separate fund to subsidize village activities or be shared amongst villagers.'
  4. 'What happens here is that the little investors are subsidising the fortune-making of larger shareholders on the inside who had bought their shares at rock bottom prices initially.'
  5. 'The question was about whether a business should be subsidised by another business.'
  6. 'In India, most higher institutions are public financed and subsidized.'
  7. 'As an Irish taxpayer, I subsidise that support structure while new moms who work beside me cannot get State help for child support.'
  8. 'Elf used a system of split commissions as a way of maintaining French influence and later subsidising Gaullist political activities.'
  9. 'Many Council members say they have few qualms about cutting millions of dollars earmarked for attracting new businesses and even subsidizing the Convention Center.'
  10. 'It bailed out, and then subsidized, the financially faltering Partisan Review and Kenyon Review.'
  11. 'subsidized food'
  12. 'There is something to be said about the government allocating almost a quarter of its spending this year to subsidize domestic fuel prices, but that is another story.'
  13. 'I think that the profit on drinks subsidises the cost of the food in a lot of places.'
  14. 'Some states, by subsidizing exam costs, make the exams more widely and equitably available.'
  15. 'Unable to promote self-sustaining growth or further redistribution, the regime preserved social order through the 1980s by subsidizing the cost of food and other necessities.'
  16. 'What better way to make a quick buck than to sell off the government subsidized apartments and turf the 23,000 residents out of house and home?'
  17. 'Already before it for consideration and approval are two critical options: subsidising the cost of food and pursuing bulk imports of food.'
  18. 'One way to overcome difference in costs would be to subsidise travel for patients requiring longer journeys.'
  19. 'The workers survive by raising rabbits which they sell and they sometimes subsidize their food by going door to door with a basket and asking for donations.'
  20. 'For how long will rural dwellers subsidise city petrol prices?'
  21. 'Instead it needs to subsidise organic and healthy food.'

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1. to furnish or aid with a subsidy.

2. to purchase the assistance of by the payment of a subsidy.

3. to secure the cooperation of by bribery; buy over.

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"producers can be subsidises."

"farmers can be subsidises."

"wages can be subsidises."

"services can be subsidises."

"rates can be subsidises."

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