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Situated below or behind the orbit of the eye.
  1. 'The upper eyelid is lost, and the suborbital shelf is variably reduced.'
  2. 'Again, it seems that the presence of many suborbital bones may be significant only at lower levels of systematics.'
Relating to or denoting a trajectory that does not complete a full orbit of the earth or other celestial body.
  1. 'Through this program, student experiments were selected in January 2002 to fly on either a NASA suborbital sounding rocket in June or a future Space Shuttle mission.'
  2. 'Commercial suborbital spaceflight achieved that milestone earlier this year.'
  3. 'What kinds of unusual economic trade-offs will future suborbital and orbital spacecraft create?'


1. (of a spacecraft) not in orbit; not achieving an altitude and velocity resulting in a ballistic trajectory circling the earth at least once.

2. Anatomy. situated below the orbit of the eye.

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"tracks can be suborbital."

"vehicles can be suborbital."

"trajectories can be suborbital."

"configurations can be suborbital."

"backs can be suborbital."

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