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Existing, formed, or taking place under water.
  1. 'It generally shows a fining-upward trend with four facies associations: alluvial fan fringe, subaqueous delta lobe, delta front, and shallow lake.'
  2. 'The shallow subaqueous shelf around the pool is covered with orange sinter.'
  3. 'Samples from subaqueous orange sinter deposits around the pool margin appear to be dominated by small coccoid cells, 500 nm to 1 m in diameter, and rods c.1 m long.'
  4. 'An alternative origin as a Large Igneous Province is less likely, as the volcanic rocks should be mainly relatively depleted subaqueous flood basalts rather than alkali basalts associated with slope talus.'
  5. 'Such channels or chutes are common on the subaqueous slopes of steep-faced deltas.'
  6. 'Stacked, turbidite-sandstone-filled lenses also occur beneath fan delta sandbodies and probably record infill of channels or chutes cut into the subaqueous slopes of such deltas.'
  7. 'Five species responded primarily to lake level, which affects the general distribution of sand and mud bottoms and the intensity of subaqueous spring discharge.'
  8. 'The upper horizon with abundant Paradictyodora in the Beta Member represents sedimentation on the delta slope and distal subaqueous delta platform.'
  9. 'Smaller fluvial or subaqueous overprints of former submarine channel morphologies and even desiccation or fracturing may be sought to test our model.'
  10. 'The contribution by Manning emphasizes the similar processes that occur in subaqueous sediments and in landfill sites.'
  11. 'the light that filtered through the leaves was pale, subaqueous'


1. existing or situated under water; underwater.

2. occurring or performed under water.

3. used under water.

More examples(as adjective)

"products can be subaqueous."

"phases can be subaqueous."

"eyes can be subaqueous."