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(of water or air) cease to flow or move; become stagnant.
  1. 'But with the creation of new drains, the water no longer stagnates, says Mr. Tyagi.'
  2. 'Lack of good drainage system that got pronounced during monsoons when rainwater stagnated at the end of each road causing traffic blocks and mosquito menace also formed a part of their woes.'
  3. 'The still waters stagnate as discarded bottles float to the surface.'
  4. 'He said, ‘the retreating monsoon stagnates over South India moving out in a slow process.’'
  5. 'Fishmongers in Accrington's new Market Pavilions say the problem is preventing the waste water from their kiosks from flowing away and allowing it to stagnate.'
  6. 'But, it also made people wonder why the much needed rainwater harvesting structures were not extended to some areas where water simply stagnated.'
  7. 'Pointed out was the fact that due to the closure of these sluice gates there was no flow of water, resulting in water stagnating in the khazan lands.'
  8. 'The rosette rots if water stagnates, so moderate watering is ideal.'
  9. 'Otitis externa usually is caused by water stagnating in the external auditory canal.'
  10. '‘So every time it rains, water stagnates there, creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes carrying the malaria virus,’ he added.'
  11. 'stagnating consumer confidence'
  12. 'A few cities grew rapidly, but many smaller places stagnated or declined.'
  13. 'Exporters' incomes will be hit by lower returns and higher investment costs, the effect of which will be to slow export expansion and stagnate the economy.'
  14. 'All the island states are heavily dependent on tourism and a narrow range of agricultural and mineral exports and are stagnating economically.'
  15. 'Average hourly earnings figures for the month of October showed that real wages are falling as job growth stagnates.'
  16. 'Trade deficit has risen, exports have almost stagnated and inflation has gone out of control.'
  17. 'The growth of recent years has relied on the public sector and the consumer, while manufacturing has stagnated.'
  18. 'The economy stagnated in the second quarter as the global slowdown hit exports and manufacturing, even as consumer spending picked up.'
  19. 'They argue that in the Arab empire, and in China, glassmaking arts stagnated and even declined during the period of the European Renaissance.'
  20. 'Relationships have to keep moving forward or they stagnate and die.'
  21. 'In the countryside, tens of millions of unhappy farmers are watching their incomes stagnate and are falling farther behind the booming cities.'

More definitions

1. to cease to run or flow, as water, air, etc.

2. to be or become stale or foul from standing, as a pool of water.

3. to stop developing, growing, progressing, or advancing: My mind is stagnating from too much TV.

4. to be or become sluggish and dull: When the leading lady left, the show started to stagnate. verb (used with object), stagnated, stagnating.

5. to make stagnant.

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"sectors can be stagnating."

"programmes can be stagnating."

"markets can be stagnating."

"demands can be stagnating."

"consumptions can be stagnating."

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(stagnate)Mid 17th century: from Latin stagnat- ‘settled as a still pool’, from the verb stagnare, from stagnum ‘pool’.