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The season of spring.
  1. figurative 'he was entering the springtime of life'
  2. 'While resolutions are traditionally reserved for January, springtime is probably a better choice.'
  3. 'Once out I shiver from the cold, it's almost springtime and it's still freezing outside.'
  4. 'Paris in the springtime, staying in a wonderful hotel - what more could you want for a long weekend?'
  5. 'It's springtime, and among other things that means baseball.'
  6. 'With springtime dawning once again it's hard not to thinks of parks, gardens and being outdoors in nature.'
  7. 'Freedom from children also means liberation from school-holiday travel - great news, because Greece in the springtime is pure enchantment.'
  8. 'Statistics show that springtime brings an increase in the number of mishaps involving outdoor activities and vacation travel.'
  9. 'Many of the flowers that you connect with springtime are actually bulb flowers, planted back in fall.'
  10. 'El Niño or not, it's springtime in the Northern Hemisphere and the tulips and daffodils are poking up around our toes.'
  11. 'During the springtime, early summer and fall, the park's streams are crowded with anglers.'

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1. the season of spring.

2. the first or earliest period: the springtime of love.

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"operations can be springtime."

"limits can be springtime."

"highs can be springtime."

"demands can be springtime."

"festivals can be springtime."

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