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A person or organization that pays for or contributes to the costs involved in staging a sporting or artistic event in return for advertising.
  1. 'Most blues festivals are funded, in part, by corporate sponsors, local businesses, and individual contributors.'
  2. 'All big publishing houses were sponsors of the Book Fair and competed in attracting visitors to their stalls.'
  3. 'The torture of such evenings is deliberately prolonged because awards are divided into as many categories as possible so each can attract a sponsor to add to the event's income.'
  4. 'When no sponsor was found to plug the gap, it pulled the concert, forfeiting a substantial deposit.'
  5. 'It was the presenting sponsor of The Ballunar Festival's balloon extravaganza in August in Dallas and Houston.'
  6. 'And if Ford was a sponsor, at least the festival was free.'
  7. 'The competition was such a positive experience because it was so well organized and because everyone involved - volunteers, sponsors - was excited about the event.'
  8. 'For the third year, it is the presenting sponsor of the Farm Aid concert.'
  9. 'NBC is promising sponsors to drive traffic with hourly plugs during its prime time Olympic coverage in September, plus mentions on MSNBC and CNBC.'
  10. 'Another announcer replaces the first and mentions the corporate sponsor of the station's programming: Colet and Company.'
  11. 'Even the program's sponsors get excellent treatment, with short documentary featurettes available about them too!'
  12. 'The last thing the media want is something with any hint of reality, any threatening sound or sentiment that disturbs the cosy world of MTV, sponsors and commercial radio.'
  13. 'The BBC promises to drop its plugs for the sponsors.'
  14. 'Fear and discrimination by sponsors, abetted by commercial broadcasting's need for operating revenue from ad sales, could not be ignored.'
  15. 'Would the sponsors and the television network be happy with do-overs?'
  16. 'Someone co-ordinated with the radio or TV producers and sponsors, and held a larger vision of the whole than either performer or listener could.'
  17. 'The bonus menu - which is really nothing more than ads for sponsors and websites - is completely blank.'
A person who introduces and supports a proposal for legislation.
  1. 'Eventually, the lead sponsor of the bill, and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee testified to the Senate Agriculture Committee.'
  2. 'The primary sponsors of five of the six bills are Democrats.'
  3. 'they act as sponsors and contacts for new immigrants'
  4. 'Paul has asked me to be his sponsor for confirmation next month'


Provide funds for (a project or activity or the person carrying it out)
  1. 'And the co-op is actively involved in sponsoring educational activities in local schools.'
  2. 'It has a competitive grants program for research, conducts interdisciplinary research, and sponsors education programs.'
  3. 'The project was sponsored by the US Government and cost more than $1,000,000.'
  4. 'The evaluation can be conducted by the workshop instructor or by the group sponsoring the workshop.'
  5. 'Music clubs published lists of American composers and compositions; they also sponsored competitions for American composers and performances of American music.'
  6. 'The Pew Charitable Trusts sponsored the study.'
  7. 'The school also sponsors artists' residencies.'
  8. 'He was the person who had sponsored her studies and she stays with him as a proof of her gratitude.'
  9. 'The grant will sponsor research into questions about how the brain perceives architecture and how humans respond to their surroundings.'
  10. 'I'm putting the finishing touches to a government sponsored awareness campaign that'll change public perception.'
  11. 'the event is sponsored by Cathay Pacific'
  12. 'The arts events will be sponsored by Catamount Arts, a major presenter of regional artistry.'
  13. 'This will take you to an essay contest sponsored by Universal.'
  14. 'The contest is sponsored by IDFA and Dairy Field magazine.'
  15. 'The funny thing is, many sponsors just do not realize that they can get a lot more mileage sponsoring women's events.'
  16. 'Suppose a rifle manufacturer wanted to sponsor a sporting game show.'
  17. 'More than 125 businesses and individuals joined in sponsoring the event last August, which raised $35,000.'
  18. 'Growmark and FFA have sponsored the contest for the past 9 years.'
  19. 'Those businesses that don't host an artist will often sponsor the events.'
  20. 'they raised £70 by a sponsored walk'
Introduce and support (a proposal) in a legislative assembly.
  1. 'Kaptur sponsored a bill in the House of Representatives to toughen the Agricultural Fair Practices Act, which protects farmers in bargaining groups from retribution.'
  2. 'The Senators sponsoring this legislation held the same views.'
  3. 'Earlier this year, McCain and Joseph Lieberman sponsored a bipartisan bill calling for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.'
  4. 'the USA sponsored negotiations between the two sides'

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1. a person who vouches or is responsible for a person or thing.

2. a person, firm, organization, etc., that finances and buys the time to broadcast a radio or television program so as to advertise a product, a political party, etc.

3. a person who makes a pledge or promise on behalf of another.

4. a person who answers for an infant at baptism, making the required professions and assuming responsibility for the child's religious upbringing; godfather or godmother. verb (used with ob

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"terrorisms can be sponsoring."

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(sponsor)Mid 17th century (as a noun): from Latin, from spondere ‘promise solemnly’. The verb dates from the late 19th century.