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Smart in appearance.
  1. 'The latter were suspicious at first, but eventually, the mentor positions (with spiffy shirts and caps) came to be seen as prestigious.'
  2. 'He also wears this spiffy reddish business-guy suit.'
  3. 'They look spiffy and serve practical purposes.'
  4. 'Shawn sauntered into the kitchen from the front door, carrying his guitar case again and looking spiffy in dark blue jeans and a white button down shirt.'
  5. 'The moment they entered the restaurant in their spiffy new outfits, Evelyn regretted coming here.'
  6. 'I'm just reading between the lines, but he looked pretty sprightly and pretty spiffy there, you know, at 91.'
  7. 'The shop has the occasional spiffy tie, and a decent shirt from time to time.'
  8. 'Billy was a junior Ranger, dressed in the dark, blue, gold-stripped spiffy uniform of his outfit.'
  9. 'The original personnel manager is long gone, and it's now a rather spiffy young woman who congratulates him on becoming the treasurer and then later vice president.'
  10. 'I even have on a spiffy suit thing to completely dress the part.'


1. spruce; smart; fine.

More examples(as adjective)

"prices can be spiffy."

"markets can be spiffy."


Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.