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Wearing spectacles.
  1. 'Cut to a younger, spottier and more heavily spectacled Jim sitting in a chair.'
  2. 'Now he was a greying elder, spectacled in thick bifocals, wrinkled in his once handsome features, and knotted and veined in limbs.'
  3. 'Both of us turn our heads at once and see a spectacled Zelda jogging her way towards us.'
  4. '‘Hello, Bryn’, Drew said dryly, looking up at the spectacled young man.'
  5. 'Staffers lunching in the building's canteen nod respectfully at this gangling, spectacled intruder.'
  6. 'A story circulated quite recently that a leading British professional, who will remain nameless to preserve his reputation, once suffered the indignity of a humiliating beating while at school - against the spectacled class boffin.'
  7. 'The woman looked deeply at the eyes of the spectacled girl.'
  8. 'To my horror, I had seen that same squirrelly, spectacled face before, only this time it had a horrible look to it.'
  9. 'Shortly after the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, a gentle, spectacled professor of ethics embraced a fellow humanist in Paris.'
  10. 'The woman glanced into the rear-view mirror and adjusted it, catching sight of her spectacled brown eyes encased within its oblong frame.'
  11. 'In February 2001, critical habitat in western coastal Alaska was designated in four areas for the threatened spectacled eider and in five areas for the Steller's eider.'
  12. 'A spectacled warbler from southern Europe was seen at Filey and a taiga flycatcher from Siberia was spotted at Flamborough Head.'
  13. 'Cobras include the South Indian variety - the spectacled and the monocle variety that are both brown in colour.'


1. wearing spectacles.

2. (of an animal) having a marking resembling a pair of spectacles.

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"cobras can be spectacled."

"eiders can be spectacled."

"bears can be spectacled."

"sombrefeatureses can be spectacled."

"populations can be spectacled."

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