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Shining brightly with flashes of light.
  1. 'His sparkling blue eyes and happy smile showed a genial personality.'
  2. 'Materials and finishes include pewter, silk steel, sparkling chrome and brushed stainless steel.'
  3. 'Jackson briefly answered a reporter's questions about a chain of sparkling ornaments draped over a gold vest he wore under his black coat.'
  4. 'My spectacles picked up a few drops of water and turned the street lamps into sparkling sodium stars.'
  5. 'Lace ruffles fell from every lamp, and the chandeliers were adorned with sparkling crystals.'
  6. 'Great granite cliffs reared up majestically all around us, the foreboding grey offset by sparkling ribbons of water showering diamante spray.'
  7. 'Just above the southeast horizon is the sparkling bright blue giant star Canopus.'
  8. 'He sat down beside the sparkling gem.'
  9. 'Young guys and gals in sparkling evening wear added a dash of charm.'
  10. 'There are dozens of beaches from which to choose and they are long, sandy and sheltered, with clear, sparkling water.'
  11. 'sparkling dialogue'
  12. 'Clutch hitters don't necessarily post a sparkling overall average.'
  13. 'Sinead Lyons continued to show her sparkling form by continually attacking from midfield.'
  14. 'BBC Wales News online, edited by Amanda Powell, won the title for its " accessibility, variety and sparkling writing ".'
  15. 'The melodies sometimes get chewed up and spat out, or equally are full of sparkling charm and quivering intent.'
  16. 'I don't imagine the conversation at the Guardian can be all that sparkling.'
  17. 'The incidents spoiled a contest that provided sparkling entertainment.'
  18. 'In these works of tragic grandeur and flamboyant Romanticism, some sparkling scherzo movements and brilliant finales bring sharp contrasts of mood.'
  19. 'I read over my recent entries with a curl to my lip; I'm not at my sparkling best in winter.'
  20. 'The weekend edition of the Financial Times is a must-read at the moment, chiefly because of its sparkling interviews.'
  21. 'I talked most animatedly with him, and was impressed by his learning and sparkling intelligence.'
(of a drink) effervescent; fizzy.
  1. 'Thus the term is often used in many champagne and sparkling wine names.'
  2. 'It makes a really refreshing summer drink topped up with chilled sparkling water and loads of ice and lemon.'
  3. 'Satisfy your thirst with flavored, sparkling, carbonated or bottled water.'
  4. 'Restaurants differ on how many brands to offer, but most serve at least one still and one sparkling water.'
  5. 'The best sparkling wines of Luxembourg are also called Crémant.'
  6. 'That sparkling wine might be made exclusively from white grapes, all from red, or a mixture.'
  7. 'The sparkling wine is made by Ferrari - not the car manufacturer.'
  8. 'Also, stock up on some regular or sparkling apple cider.'
  9. 'It would also double as an aperitif if you don't like sparkling wines.'
  10. 'Sparkling wines tend to be tasted slightly cooler to retain the carbon dioxide.'


1. to issue in or as if in little sparks, as fire or light: The candlelight sparkled in the crystal.

2. to emit little sparks, as burning matter: The flames leaped and sparkled.

3. to shine or glisten with little gleams of light, as a brilliant gem; glitter; coruscate.

4. to effervesce, as wine.

5. to be brilliant, lively, or vivacious. verb (used with object), sparkled, sparkling.

6. to cause to sparkle: moonlight sparkling the wa

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"wines can be sparkling."

"performances can be sparkling."

"waters can be sparkling."

"forms can be sparkling."

"eyes can be sparkling."

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