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A garment designed to allow an astronaut to survive in space.
  1. 'The challenge of making such a movie, where all the action takes place on the lunar surface, is that the actors are hidden within their spacesuits, making it difficult to display emotion or even to communicate.'
  2. 'When most people think of space travel they typically think of rockets, spaceships, propulsion systems, spacesuits, and structures to ship to Moon or Mars colonies to live in.'
  3. 'To test the spacecraft and our spacesuits, we spent two days in Baikonur with a large group of engineers, trainers and officials.'
  4. 'Several pieces of equipment had been damaged by the astronauts who were clumsy in their big spacesuits.'
  5. 'Then we will make our way to the launch site where we will put on and test our spacesuits.'
  6. 'The spacewalkers are using Russan Orlan spacesuits.'
  7. 'The job will set the stage to restore use of the airlock as a base for spacewalks using U.S. spacesuits.'
  8. 'The crew aboard the International Space Station has slipped into spacesuits and floated out a hatch to begin a five-and-a-half hour spacewalk, the first since the men arrived at the outpost three months ago.'
  9. 'Inside the capsule, they donned bulky spacesuits and ensured the Soyuz was airtight before it undocked from the station.'
  10. 'Set in the middle of the arctic wilds of northern Canada, the station included a mock airlock, space toilet and spacesuits for conducting experiments outside.'

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1. a sealed and pressurized suit designed to allow the wearer to leave a pressurized cabin in outer space or at extremely high altitudes within the atmosphere.

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