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A spacecraft, especially one controlled by a crew.
  1. 'Normally in bad sci-fi, even after crashing, spaceships work without a problem the second time they start them up.'
  2. 'I play videogames in order to do things that I could never do in real life, like flying spaceships, grappling with monsters, or skateboard standing up.'
  3. 'The winged spaceships are supposed to fly until 2012, however NASA is researching whether their retirement date can be pushed back to 2020.'
  4. 'Humans have long dreamed of building spaceships, all the while riding on one that provides everyone with billions of free air miles every day of their lives.'
  5. 'NASA is interested in sensing contaminants because spaceships are tightly sealed.'
  6. 'This means that the spaceship orbits slower than it would if the Moon wasn't there.'
  7. 'Have any formerly unidentified flying objects been convincingly shown to be alien spaceships?'
  8. 'He wants a fleet of spaceships, capable of carrying at least five people each, to fly jet-setters into the edge of space.'
  9. 'During the show's first few years, minimal scientific research went into the spaceships and weapons that fascinated children.'
  10. 'When I was a television journalist here in town, I did the news the night that one of the Apollo spaceships was circling the earth.'

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1. spacecraft.

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"stations can be spaceships."

"rings can be spaceships."

"dockings can be spaceships."