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Easy to mould, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch.
  1. 'the ground was soft beneath their feet'
  2. 'There are rupas of the body appearing whenever we touch what is hard or soft.'
  3. 'He stood alone in a small, unoccupied steel room; a row of soft cushion and hard plastic chairs lined the far wall.'
  4. 'All the trees were pine, their fallen needles forming a soft and springy carpet beneath her feet.'
  5. 'Feeling the soft grass beneath my feet, I breathed in the night air.'
  6. 'The mud beneath my feet was soft and with every step, I sunk in to my ankle or deeper.'
  7. 'She laid her head on his chest, soft and yet firm from hard work.'
  8. 'This is a cover made from hard or soft plastic that fits over your upper or lower teeth.'
  9. 'Twigs and branches snapped and burrowed deeper as their feet trampled the soft soil beneath it.'
  10. 'Maria scrambled to her feet as the soft sand shifted beneath her.'
  11. 'The grass was a bright shade of emerald and was soft beneath one's feet or hooves.'
  12. 'her hair felt very soft'
  13. 'His hands were rough and weathered against her smooth, soft skin, but he was gentle when binding the shoulder wound.'
  14. 'But her oval hands stayed soft, smooth and delicate white.'
  15. 'Derek pulled her into a hug, gently stroking her soft, smooth hair.'
  16. 'His lips were soft and silky smooth, and he tasted of cinnamon and cream.'
  17. 'It is also non-staining, acts as an insect repellent, and has excellent moisturising properties too-- and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.'
  18. 'Both the parfait and the white chocolate sauce had a wonderful soft texture, making it feel like I was eating the finest silk.'
  19. 'Kathleen stared down at the pile of clothe that he rested on her stretched out hands; it felt so soft beneath her touch.'
  20. 'Bending he lightly touched her hair, soft beneath his fingers, and bent to press a kiss to the corner of her mouth.'
  21. 'They captured the glossy surfaces of fruit and fish, and the soft textures of velvet and lace.'
  22. 'The husband of one of my friends tried this and said it fulfilled its promise of leaving his skin smooth and soft after shaving.'
Having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition.
  1. 'the moon's pale light cast soft shadows'
  2. 'The image - this one is projected onto a wall - is rather soft.'
  3. 'The whole place had great big gorgeous windows set in black mahogany, which really did set a nice classic contrast to the soft off-white shade of the walls.'
  4. 'The lighting is soft and subtle and with the night lights on the table and the backlit stained glass on the window give the place a cosy intimate feel.'
  5. 'Layering lighting sources creates a soft, calming effect that is always appreciated.'
  6. 'I'm so pleased with the colour - it has a lovely soft glow that catches your eye as you're going up the stairs.'
  7. 'From his seat on the floor, he could see the church, its steeple glowing, soft and pale and ghostly.'
  8. 'Fall Frost Coming, painted in 1966, is a large canvas that features muted trees with soft edges.'
  9. 'Lucifer stared into Gabriel's eyes; they were a sharp blue, but soft and knowing all at the same time.'
  10. 'A diver's suspended body defines the topmost edge of a soft sepia-gray sky.'
  11. 'The purples are appearing in a soft, subtle vein in all casts from pale lavender to deep aubergine.'
  12. 'All she could hear was Dominic's gentle breathing and the soft sound of the snow falling.'
  13. 'Violinist then starts to play a rather soft melody - more like a waltzing melody to me.'
  14. 'Soon enough, the soft sound of footsteps gave way to hushed voices.'
  15. 'A gentle hand brushed across her forehead and a soft voice whispered soothingly into her ear.'
  16. 'Her eyes snapped open as there was a soft, yet sharp, knock on the door.'
  17. 'The lake was a peaceful sight, with a few reeds along the edge, and the soft hum of cicadas around it.'
  18. 'No response, only a soft laughter and the sound of two voices talking.'
  19. 'About half an hour later we had another quiet dinner, the soft clank of utensils the only sound in the stillness.'
  20. 'He followed the sounds of Nina's soft voice into the kitchen and watched her at work.'
  21. 'Blair's ears pricked at the sound of soft footfalls echoing in the distance.'
  22. 'a soft breeze rustled the trees'
  23. 'The day was just too beautiful; the air crisp and fresh, the leaves swaying lightly in the soft breeze ahead.'
  24. 'The February sun tugged at the clouds and a soft breeze blew chilly.'
  25. 'A soft, cold breeze came against my face and the floor creaked as I moved.'
  26. 'They stayed like that for what seemed like hours as the rain let up, turning into a soft drizzle.'
  27. 'Natalie lay on her bed; a soft breeze rustled the fabric curtains and her dirty blonde hair.'
  28. 'By the time the corner in the road came into view, there was only a soft drizzle.'
  29. 'She stared at the surroundings and a soft breeze started to blow.'
  30. 'She was pleased by the soft wind that caressed her bare neck and toyed with her hair.'
  31. 'There was no wind, and a soft rain fell gently from the unbroken cloud.'
  32. 'The wind's temper gradually drifted away until there was nothing left but a soft breeze.'
Sympathetic, lenient, or compassionate, especially to a degree perceived as excessive; not strict or sufficiently strict.
  1. 'Julia's soft heart was touched by his grief'
  2. 'Beneath this curmudgeonly exterior lurks the soft heart and even softer head of a hapless romantic.'
  3. 'It's a sweet, soft, very compassionate piece that has a lot of presence and a lot of honesty in it.'
  4. 'His heart grew soft and heavy as he noticed a small ring on Mackenzie's finger.'
  5. 'If you have a soft heart, be forewarned: The food's so fresh that your lobster will wave goodbye as it heads to the kettle.'
  6. 'Vee has a soft heart for strangers, especially ones with artistic talent.'
  7. 'Do you think that Arafat's coverage has been, over the years, too soft, too sympathetic by the press?'
  8. 'Runako has a soft heart, and he would never, ever do such a thing!'
  9. 'The FRA has come up with soft conditions to effect the recovery of loans in order not to inconvenience the farmer.'
  10. 'Sassy, brashy, with a tough exterior that belies her soft heart, Scarlett Adams is the kind of role that comes along once in a lifetime.'
  11. 'I always feel bad for people; my mom told me that it was because of my soft heart.'
  12. 'She made her way to the stairs, setting her hand on the railing as she made her way down, soft words reaching her ears.'
  13. 'My parents gave me their soft words and thinking it was best they left my room.'
  14. 'What it tries to indicate is altogether valid, but the word is too soft to do the reality justice.'
  15. 'His soft words comforted me and for awhile we just lay there on the tiny futon talking.'
  16. 'He approaches the alien with his hands up and with soft words, explains to the alien that he means no harm and welcomes the creature.'
  17. 'For so she is, this High Priestess of Rennon who came to me, all smiles and soft, tender words, and tried to persuade me to her side.'
  18. 'Sir Irwin held him down gently, soothing him with soft words and petting him.'
  19. 'How can he make someone believe that a soft word from him means everything is perfect?'
  20. 'His soft words lingered in my ears for longer than was natural.'
  21. 'The soft words calmed Sabriel completely, and as her breathing became even again she could feel a faint touch of her old confidence.'
  22. 'candidates ranging from far right to soft left'
  23. 'This Government is too busy doing the photo shoots, doing the soft stuff, and pandering to the unions.'
  24. 'Present your candidate with scenarios that would require the use of soft skills, and see what the candidate says.'
  25. 'Although the bill looks quite good on the face of it and is a little tougher than the current legislation, that legislation is inherently soft.'
  26. 'He basically felt that the Provisional Government was too soft and that it should go.'
  27. 'In other respects, Beijing's political influence and soft power abroad are comparably limited.'
  28. 'After all it's the soft vote that matters during a campaign - the people who could go either way, or no way at all.'
  29. 'It's a soft way of introducing currency controls, which would otherwise be politically unpopular.'
  30. 'Its public face tended to be dominated by soft Labour left fellow travellers.'
  31. 'The politics of the Plural Left was soft compromise politics.'
  32. 'soft southerners'
  33. 'Boys were growing soft: too much time with their mothers and their teachers, not enough manly activity.'
  34. 'My old self would have said I was soft and pathetic.'
  35. 'Health drinks are for soft southerners who don't understand the bitter evils of driving Glaswegian sleet from October till March.'
  36. 'Relying too heavily on outside sources of strength will just make you soft and weak.'
  37. 'Tell me that the party is a bunch of soft cowards who can't fight terrorism or run a disciplined economic agenda.'
  38. 'Possessed of many virtues, in most ways a grown-up, she is soft at the center, a pushover.'
  39. 'And we who have never had to face a world war, we who have got soft, living beyond our means, need to remember them.'
  40. 'While some sought to show themselves as too soft and weak for battle in order to avoid call-up, others took pride in a fighting heritage.'
  41. 'I'm too soft, and constantly at war with myself for not standing up for myself.'
  42. 'The rep the Spurs have over the years of being a little soft has to fall on the shoulders of Duncan and Robinson.'
  43. 'The soft life they lead nowadays as constituency members is just unbelievable compared with the good old days.'
  44. 'The exceptionally bright and capable young man said that he had led a soft life and wanted to be a marine because ‘they're the toughest and most disciplined in the world.’'
(of a drink) not alcoholic.
  1. 'What has emerged from the present debate is that we have no standards, at least not mandatory ones for soft aerated drinks.'
  2. 'The expedition is sponsored by Mountain Dew, a soft drink of the beverage company, Pepsi.'
  3. 'Sure, she'd drink here and there at parties, and she'd dabbled in a few soft drugs, but nothing too bad.'
  4. 'The Dutch decision to cease enforcing marijuana laws was a deliberate attempt to separate the hard and soft drug markets.'
  5. 'Saturday a poll revealed that a significant number of MPs are in favour of changing the law relating to soft drugs.'
  6. 'Possession of small quantities of soft drugs (marijuana and hashish) is not prosecuted.'
  7. 'It is believed by some people that cannabis acts as a bridge from soft drugs to hard drugs, which are dangerous.'
  8. 'Cannabis is a soft drug, softer than tobacco which 11- to 12-year-olds are getting hold of.'
  9. 'He had this big bag under the kitchen sink containing what was a form of that soft drug cannabis.'
  10. 'Large quantities of soft drugs and hard drugs were found in the car of the eldest brother.'
  11. 'Half a year ago her first boyfriend got jailed for four years, for dealing in soft drugs.'
  12. 'We support gay marriages, decriminalising soft drugs and prostitution, and decentralisation.'
  13. 'In two high-altitude rocket flights of thin-walled Geiger tubes at geomagnetic latitudes 64° and 74°N, a considerable intensity of soft radiation has been encountered above 50 kilometers altitude.'
  14. 'In diagnostic applications, aluminum filters are used to remove the undesirable portion of soft radiation which would be completely absorbed by the human body.'
  15. 'The turtle was cleaned with mineral oils and a soft detergent.'
  16. 'As Elizabeth Bell points out, the difference between soft-core pornography and hard-core pornography is the difference between simulated and real sex.'
  17. 'The fact that the ad is soft-core porn is not as disturbing as the way that ‘sex’ is presented.'
  18. 'It never occurs to her that three hours later viewers will be treated to an afternoon of soft-core pornography masquerading as soap opera.'
  19. 'It introduced a premium edition last month, with a monthly charge of $30 to subscribers who will receive exclusive access to a mix of political commentary and soft-core pornography.'
  20. 'He knows about the women, the clothes, the soft-core porn, the sissified Martinis, etc.'
  21. 'This, combined with some soft-core porn, sent what was left of the family contingent screaming back to the suburbs.'
  22. 'Which is worse: two airhead singers delivering half a second of soft-core porn or a hockey player delivering hard-core revenge that leaves an unmoving body on the ice for 10 minutes?'
  23. 'Some Girl Scout mothers called it soft-core porn.'
  24. 'Theresa has a real problem with A & F, she calls their catalogs soft-core porn.'
  25. 'But if you go to the movie hoping that it's going to be soft-core porn they're going to be disappointed because there's not enough to merit that.'
(of a market, currency, or commodity) falling or likely to fall in value.
  1. 'the rouble, so soft that it buys nothing worth having'
  2. 'Pearlman says that a soft market is no excuse to hunker down and wait it out.'
  3. 'Thus, the more hard currency transnational corporations can be persuaded to spend in soft-currency countries, the greater the economic impact.'
  4. 'And it is always the fault of the market or the hedge fund or of soft dollars or of the mutual fund or the limited partnership.'
  5. 'By this I am indicating that a soft currency may be acceptable for a while - the question is: For how long?'
  6. 'The Namibian currency is expected to remain soft while commodity prices are expected to hold firm against a soft currency and a strong demand.'
  7. 'During soft markets, insurers tend to undercut prices for competitive reasons.'
  8. 'And it is a futile exercise for those overseeing markets to say that no one should use soft dollars.'
  9. 'As the soft market works to sort out supply and demand issues, the U.S. economy remains slightly unstable.'
  10. 'Any society which deals in both hard and soft currencies is prone to new divisions and tensions.'
  11. 'Many have sat empty for weeks during the prime season, further hurting a soft retail and restaurant market.'
(of water) free from mineral salts that make lathering difficult.
  1. 'Moving from house to house to house, from area to area, I noticed how hard water and soft water affect the skin on my face.'
  2. 'It is dissolved from the inside of pipes by Scotland's soft, slightly acidic water.'
  3. 'The dissolved salts in hard water have a similar effect, so soft water is advised.'
  4. 'By priming the pump and plugging it in, I can use my supply of soft rainwater for many things.'
  5. 'The good weather held, and at noon we stopped by a lake, and poured out all of our water, and filled our barrels with the soft water.'
  6. 'When you've finished rinse with soft water, which inhibits streaking.'
Foolish; silly.
  1. 'One would have to be soft in the head to vote for someone who is obviously easily manipulated by those around him.'
  2. 'was Brendan soft on her?'
(of a consonant) pronounced as a fricative (as c in ice).
  1. 'It is clear that the Romans pronounced a hard "k" instead of the soft "ch" abundant in Spanish and contemporary Italian.'
  2. 'G is soft when followed by e, i or y, e.g., in pigeon, magic, and Egypt.'


In a quiet or gentle way.
  1. 'They sang as angels soft and gentle and put the audience in the mood for the writers who were to follow.'
  2. 'As he lay sleeping next to her, she gave him a kiss and whispered soft and low, "Everything' s going to be all right."'
In a weak or foolish way.
  1. 'Now then, girl, you're talking soft, as if Donal would risk losing his job.'
  2. 'Mitch, don't talk soft. The Eye still has by far and away the best exposes of any magazine.'


1. yielding readily to touch or pressure; easily penetrated, divided, or changed in shape; not hard or stiff: a soft pillow.

2. relatively deficient in hardness, as metal or wood.

3. smooth and agreeable to the touch; not rough or coarse: a soft fabric; soft skin.

4. producing agreeable sensations; pleasant or comfortable: soft slumber.

5. low or subdued in sound; gentle and melodious: soft music; a soft voice.

6. not harsh or unpleasant to the eye;

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"places can be soft on dates."

"prices can be soft on dates."

"moneys can be soft in markets."

"rates can be soft on dates."

"prices can be soft in/at/on dates."

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