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Covered by or resembling slime.
  1. 'Mr. Mixson went on to tell me the feral pigs were almost swimming in mud that was covered in slimy green algae.'
  2. 'There was a twenty foot long trap door that led to a pit filled with muddy, slimy water.'
  3. 'The cells of rhodophytes are commonly covered by a slimy outer sheath.'
  4. 'No swamp should be drained, no stream covered with concrete and turned into a green slimy drain.'
  5. 'She pulled her fist back and saw that it was covered in a slimy clear residue of some sort.'
  6. 'The water flows over slimy rock that tilts the wrong way: down to the canyon.'
  7. 'And if you carry the peel with you, you've got to deal with a slippery, slimy wet thing.'
  8. 'The freezing water, oozy and slimy with horse saliva, encompassed her body like a gooey envelope.'
  9. 'The windows were cracked and covered in cobwebs, dirt, and various other slimy materials.'
  10. 'There are many packets of pumpkin seeds, sticky bottles of flax oil, dehydrating apricots and slimy salad in kitchens up and down the land.'
Repellently smooth and obsequious.
  1. 'Even though he is not being sacked, it realistically means the end to his slimy crawl up the political ladder.'
  2. 'Even by the standards of the Victorians, who had a pretty high tolerance level for toadying, this is slimy stuff.'
  3. 'Lars is slippery and slimy, but he still runs into doors sometimes when he's not paying attention.'


1. of or like slime.

2. abounding in or covered with slime.

3. offensively foul or vile.

More examples(as adjective)

"walls can be slimy with shits."

"towels can be slimy to touchs."

"strips can be slimy to touchs."

"people can be slimy with smells."

"waters can be slimy."

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