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(of a person or part of the body) gracefully thin.
  1. 'Their bodies are slender and dappled with brown or black spots on a gray background.'
  2. 'I leaned my slender body to the side, resting the luggage on the pale tile floor.'
  3. 'Her slender body seemed thinner then before and she had wrinkles on her skin.'
  4. 'Her figure was so slender and graceful in the navy blue dress she wore.'
  5. 'Its slender body allows it to weave in and out of crevices or hide in tight spots if threatened.'
  6. 'They have slender and graceful bodies supported by very thin and long legs.'
  7. 'When the soldiers' lights fall on their slender bodies, they seem almost ethereal.'
  8. 'His silvery hair was unkempt, blood and bruises marred his slender body and he was skinnier than when he had come in.'
  9. 'Her slender body glided gracefully, never once bending the weakened branches.'
  10. 'Can such a slender body bear the weight of so much expectation?'
  11. 'slender iron railings'
  12. 'When he came out of it, he held a short, slender wand of a light silvery color.'
  13. 'The slender girders, electrical cables and insulators look as if they had just come out of a package.'
  14. 'The male blossom sits on a slender stalk, and the center stamen within the bloom contains the pollen.'
  15. 'They're very thin and delicate, with elegant slender stems and a simple, clean design.'
  16. 'He reaches over and picks up the slender rod he plans to use to simulate a rapier.'
  17. 'Matthew saw a youth then, standing against the slender trunk of a light brown tree.'
  18. 'What gives it panache is the way the flower teeters on its ridiculously long, slender stem.'
  19. 'Their long and slender stems glowed white in the blue shadows cast by the petal canopy above.'
  20. 'Approaching the bird, anger turned to curiosity at seeming small green leaves sprouting from a slender twig.'
  21. 'Have a look at the thickness of the stakes in the picture compared to the slender stems of the roses.'
(of something abstract) barely sufficient in amount or basis.
  1. 'a slender majority of four'
  2. 'The US House of Congress, which holds a slender Republican majority, will decide which slate of electors to accept.'
  3. 'In fact, the evidence for them ever existing is very slender compared to that for Jesus.'
  4. 'But this slender plot acts as a mere clothesline for a series of slapstick asides and cinematic in-jokes.'
  5. 'The scientific evidence that it improves memory is fairly slender, but that doesn't seem to deter many.'
  6. 'By a slender majority of four to three, the High Court bought the argument.'
  7. 'Labour has a slender two-seat majority on the council and is defending eleven of the 20 seats up for grabs.'
  8. 'We found that the evidence on which to base clinical decisions was slender.'
  9. 'A compelling theory was based therefore on slender threads of evidence.'


1. having a circumference that is small in proportion to the height or length: a slender post.

2. thin or slight; light and graceful: slender youths.

3. small in size, amount, extent, etc.; meager: a slender income.

4. having little value, force, or justification: slender prospects.

5. thin or weak, as sound.

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"spiculeses can be slender with tips."

"people can be slender with hairs."

"people can be slender in eras."

"economies can be slender to modernises."

"chances can be slender to points."

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Late Middle English: of unknown origin.