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(of clothes) short and revealing.
  1. 'She's crude and loud and crazy and loves wearing skimpy clothes and being a tease.'
  2. 'My girlfriend wears skimpy clothes, and my friends are always looking at her.'
  3. 'Miranda was having a heated argument with a dark-haired short girl, dressed in skimpy clothing.'
  4. 'So, don't judge her for being blonde, wearing skimpy clothes and going to parties.'
  5. 'Shenkin is where you buy drugs, get a Celtic ring tattooed round your arm, shop for skimpy clothes and plan to go to a club later that night.'
  6. 'There you are, quietly being the good girl, and she's off racing about in skimpy clothes, not working hard enough and getting all the attention.'
  7. 'At this time all the prostitutes are standing on the street corners with their skimpy clothes.'
  8. 'After a few moments of scuffling noises coming from behind the door, it opened and Sarah appeared wearing a skimpy black negligee.'
  9. 'When you guys are shopping or looking at fashion mags, let her know how you feel about skimpy clothes.'
  10. 'I'm now beginning to realise why the girls are wearing such skimpy clothes - so they don't overheat.'
  11. 'You may even get your significant other to wear some pretty revealing and skimpy clothing.'
Providing or consisting of less than is needed; meagre.
  1. 'The talent files are a bit skimpy and limited to director Petersen and the three main actors.'


1. lacking in size, fullness, etc.; scanty: a skimpy hem; a skimpy dinner.

2. too thrifty; stingy: a skimpy housekeeper.

More examples(as adjective)

"curtains can be skimpy for expanses."

"menus can be skimpy on dates."

"trades can be skimpy."

"yields can be skimpy."

"tops can be skimpy."

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