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Of or resembling silk, especially in being soft, fine, and lustrous.
  1. 'The aubergines should be very soft and silky but not actually falling apart.'
  2. 'He came out on stage, wearing a silky, champagne-coloured pirate blouse.'
  3. 'Cut the mushrooms in quarters and stir them in with the onions, letting it all cook until it's silky soft, yet barely coloured.'
  4. 'She wore a light dress made of silky blue fabric, the color of an extremely pale robin's egg.'
  5. 'Luckily due to the silky texture and reasonable staying power, there was no danger of such a nightmarish scenario.'
  6. 'It had white walls and wooden floor tiles with racks of silky dresses and sheer see-through tops and scarves.'
  7. 'Not exactly, but I've always had a soft spot for that silky sheen that comes with fresh plaster.'
  8. 'The banana leaf is ready for it's next step when the top is shiny green/brown and has a silky texture.'
  9. 'She even has a look of Mata Hari, with her hair tamed into a silky curtain that complements her black designer suit and kitten heels.'
  10. 'She takes me upstairs and opens a chest, out of which she takes scraps of shiny, silky fabric.'
  11. 'a silky, seductive voice'
  12. 'Although adept at the silky arts of persuasion, Cariappa was a soldier who spoke his mind.'
  13. 'The report deluged him with criticism, albeit worded in the silky prose of a veteran mandarin.'
  14. 'He could see her lips moving faintly, the sound of her silky voice barely a whisper.'
  15. 'His silky smooth voice and his innovative lyrics will be around for quite some time.'
  16. 'Damien's silky voice crept into her thoughts.'


1. of or like silk; smooth, lustrous, soft, or delicate: silky skin.

2. Botany. covered with fine, soft, closely set hairs, as a leaf.

More examples(as adjective)

"russians can be silky on balls."

"hairs can be silky."

"strands can be silky."

"pants can be silky."

"heads can be silky."

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