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Sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy.
  1. 'Bernoulli was one of the most significant promoters of the formal methods of higher analysis.'
  2. 'The nurses want a significant increase in their flat fee for agreeing to be on call.'
  3. 'One of the most significant demographic changes was the decline of infant mortality at the turn of the century.'
  4. 'Max's published work, as significant and substantial as it is, is not what we will remember him by.'
  5. 'At present there seems to be a significant disparity in the statistics that are being reported.'
  6. 'A rise in temperature of this kind would have a significant effect on the distribution of vegetation.'
  7. 'This has the makings of a very significant case of very considerable legal importance.'
  8. 'This work was little known about at the time but it has since emerged how significant this work proved to be.'
  9. 'If the problem is difficult enough, a theorem like this can be a significant achievement.'
  10. 'Although he was not a prolific writer, his work had a significant impact and is still of considerable interest.'
Having a particular meaning; indicative of something.
  1. 'In measuring that weakness, his sexual misbehaviour is more symbolic than significant.'
  2. 'The national flower is the ceibo and the most symbolically significant tree is the ombu.'
  3. 'The walls are covered with photographs marking significant moments in Wood Group's history.'
  4. 'These statements may have been symbolic, but the symbolism was highly significant in the context.'
  5. 'Empires from Rome to Carthage fought over this most significant of nautical prizes.'
  6. 'It is not intelligence, it is information, and that, I think, is a significant point.'
  7. 'But Gordon Brown had a new and highly significant message for his American audience.'
  8. 'Use Mediamancy to derive significant messages from billboards and shop names.'
  9. 'Ceres is the symbol of authority and it is significant also that she is goddess of the harvest and fecundity.'
  10. 'Most significant of all, we felt, was that so many divers were keen enough to queue up to have their fitness checked.'
  11. 'she gave him a significant look'
  12. 'At all times and in all hours they were in deep consultation and Margarot was observed to say to Campbell, with a significant wink, "keep an eye on the old gentleman", meaning me.'
Relating to or having significance.
  1. 'When we found the effect of sex to be statistically significant we regressed the male and female data separately.'
  2. 'Just as for the acentrics, group and radiation dose were statistically significant predictors.'


1. important; of consequence.

2. having or expressing a meaning; indicative; suggestive: a significant wink.

3. Statistics. of or relating to observations that are unlikely to occur by chance and that therefore indicate a systematic cause. noun

4. something significant; a sign.

More examples(as adjective)

"arrivals can be significant to people."

"arrivals can be significant at gates."

"votes can be significant because of gaps."

"slogans can be significant in races."

"shortfalls can be significant in/at/on dates."

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Late 16th century (in significant (sense 2)): from Latin significant- ‘indicating’, from the verb significare (see signify).