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Set apart from the rest or from each other; isolate or divide.
  1. 'It is also pressing for the lanes for public transport to be segregated from the rest of the traffic on the bridge.'
  2. 'The securities laws now provide that a firm must segregate its customers' moneys and hold them in a separate client account.'
  3. 'Also, let us not forget that the military institution provides us with a means to segregate the less desirable members of society from the rest of us normals.'
  4. 'At present the army and the police are segregated from the rest of society, and are more or less unaccountable to the mass of people.'
  5. 'In fact the only reason we're segregating it from the body of our posts is because it's got a different name.'
  6. 'One of the key principles in corporate governance practice is to properly segregate the powers for decision-making, execution and independent monitoring and challenge.'
  7. 'They can be defined sociologically and claim a unity that partly or wholly segregates them from the surrounding society.'
  8. 'Our data suggest that this difference in tertiary structure alone will segregate these membrane proteins into two different diffusion classes as well.'
  9. 'segregated education systems'
  10. 'The units are ethnically segregated and under a separate ethnic chain of command.'
  11. 'At first attending religious services segregated by race, slaves gradually accepted Christianity.'
  12. 'Schools in Dundee are already beginning to segregate pupils by gender for PE classes, a practice which was phased out after the Second World War.'
  13. 'Black men fought in racially segregated units in the Civil War, first with African American officers and then, after 1863, with white officers'
  14. 'The effect of non-secular, religious and segregated education is very destructive on the society as a whole, and on our children's happy, normal life, and upbringing.'
  15. 'The Alabama bus system was segregated by race, with the first ten seats reserved exclusively for white people.'
  16. 'Blacks in Washington, led by Sojourner Truth, boycotted segregated public transport.'
  17. 'Brown has been overturned and the education system is segregated again.'
  18. 'Even the federal government and military were segregated up to this time.'
  19. 'All segregated education must end.'
(of pairs of alleles) be separated at meiosis and transmitted independently via separate gametes.
  1. 'During the first meiotic division, homologous chromosomes pair and segregate into two cells.'
  2. 'Sutton worked with grasshopper chromosomes, and it was in this paper that he showed that chromosomes occur in distinct pairs, which segregate at meiosis.'
  3. 'In the above simulation, I assumed that for every codon, there were at most two alleles segregating in the population at any given time.'


An allele that has undergone segregation.
    A species within an aggregate.

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      1. characterized by or practicing racial segregation: a segregated school system.

      2. restricted to one group, especially exclusively on the basis of racial or ethnic membership: segregated neighborhoods.

      3. maintaining separate facilities for members of different, especially racially different, groups: segregated education.

      4. discriminating against a group, especially on the basis of race: a segregated economy.

      5. set apart.

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      "places can be segregated in/at/on todays."

      "areas can be segregated."

      "zones can be segregated."

      "services can be segregated."

      "markets can be segregated."

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      Mid 16th century: from Latin segregat- ‘separated from the flock’, from the verb segregare, from se- ‘apart’ + grex, greg- ‘flock’.