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(of a person or an organization) inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information.
  1. 'Now that's led to people saying we're secretive and that we're close mouthed.'
  2. 'And he proceeds to explain why everything surrounding Virgin's finances should be so secretive.'
  3. 'Williamson was notoriously secretive about his creation and no contemporary plan of the whole network survives.'
  4. 'All contact is 100 percent confidential but it's not a secretive organisation.'
  5. 'He was a bit secretive about his feelings, so they didn't hear from him much.'
  6. 'She peeked out her door, unsure of why she was being so secretive.'
  7. 'The more secretive you get with your parents, the worst things will become.'
  8. 'She is secretive about her past and we do not pressure her to reveal it.'
  9. 'I'm simply not a particularly secretive person.'
  10. 'There is no public scrutiny of what is a very secretive and authoritarian regime.'
  11. 'secretive deals'
  12. 'It was a really secretive process and I wasn't even sure who I was applying to until they asked me to come in for an interview!'
  13. 'Well we both know that it's not there for that, but I can't beat them up, so I get back at them a different and more secretive way.'
  14. 'The secretive process will probably continue for another week or so when one or two candidates will likely emerge.'
  15. 'Strikers said that they have never heard of such a fund before, and accused the company of cutting their pay in a secretive way.'
  16. 'The way of rewarding his select group of fund managers in a secretive way has the hallmarks of a Macquarie Bank approach.'
  17. 'But her secretive way of voicing herself backfires when Georgia and Virginia are fired for her subversiveness.'
  18. 'It was the culmination of months of secretive work by a Garda team headed by Assistant Commissioner Joe Egan.'
  19. 'The selection of replacement bishops is a highly secretive process.'
  20. 'That mission was so secretive, the Chinese government wouldn't even confirm the astronaut's name until he was safely on his way into orbit.'
  21. 'a secretive smile'
  22. 'He stood there with a rather secretive smile playing on his lips.'
  23. 'Ryo smiled, a secretive look on his face, and hugged her.'
  24. 'With that she disappeared into the bathroom with a secretive smile upon her lips.'
  25. 'Bailey smiled this secretive grin and then nodded.'
  26. 'Perhaps in his secretive way he was telling Ben his vacation was due.'
  27. 'Anne is suddenly too busy to be around her, and highly secretive.'
  28. 'The woman smiles a secretive grin and walks away.'
  29. 'her big brother smirked, leaning forward in a secretive manner.'
  30. 'She smiled her most secretive and engaging smile and said nothing.'
  31. 'She gave him a quick secretive smile before she left his room.'


1. having or showing a disposition to secrecy; reticent: He seems secretive about his new job.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be secretive about issues."

"banks can be secretive about activities."

"places can be secretive about reasons."

"people can be secretive in natures."

"people can be secretive about things."

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(secretive)Mid 19th century: back-formation from secretiveness, suggested by French secrétivité, from secret ‘secret’.