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The script of a film, including acting instructions and scene directions.
  1. 'She spends hours writing screenplays and acting out scenes with her army of cuddly animals toys.'
  2. 'Almost as bad as the direction is the embarrassment of a screenplay that tells us everything and shows us nothing.'
  3. 'After the failure of his novels, he wrote screenplays in Hollywood for a few years.'
  4. 'You work without a screenplay and the whole film rests on a long process of preparation.'
  5. 'Mamet has written the screenplays for many commercial films on a for-hire basis.'
  6. 'I wrote an original screenplay for a film which has the working title Personal Honour.'
  7. 'Sofia Coppola earned an award for the screenplay for her film Lost in Translation.'
  8. 'It was through Laurent that I started writing screenplays for short films.'
  9. 'Since going online two weeks ago in the US, 800 screenplays and 450 short films have been posted.'
  10. 'He's currently working on screenplays for film and television.'

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1. a motion-picture or television scenario.

2. Older Use. a motion picture.

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"mothershipses can be screenplay."

"adaptations can be screenplay."

"nominations can be screenplay."

"flags can be screenplay."

"falls can be screenplay."

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