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Give a long, loud, piercing cry or cries expressing extreme emotion or pain.
  1. 'a harassed mum with a screaming child'
  2. 'Rachel screamed out in pain as tears began rolling down her cheeks.'
  3. 'Meanwhile, security forces dragged screaming residents out of homes, and settlers elsewhere burned houses and fields in protest.'
  4. 'They took Lydia and me back to the house, with Lydia screaming the entire time.'
  5. 'Her hands were shaking, her body trembling but her voice screamed forcefully into the phone.'
  6. 'I then threw the sheet aside and ran screaming from his house.'
  7. 'I was practically screaming at the top of my lungs by the end.'
  8. 'The victim's older brother recalled seeing his brother in the garden seconds before he heard him screaming in pain.'
  9. 'She screamed in horror as she fell, thinking she was soon to die.'
  10. 'I screamed when the pain began then bit my bottom lip refusing to scream again.'
  11. 'By the end of the entire ordeal, my cheeks were tear-stained and my lips raw from biting back the pain rather than screaming out loud again.'
  12. with direct speech '‘Get out!’ he screamed'
  13. 'He told me that it finally ended with his ex after she spent six hours screaming abuse in his face in their living room.'
  14. 'A nurse came rushing in, and upon seeing my anger, screamed for a doctor.'
  15. 'Mila's solace was then disrupted when she heard a group of people from the crowd scream her name.'
  16. 'Blaze ran into the house, screaming something about telling Auri, while Ariella just stood there silently.'
  17. 'Three people were down the hall, and a girl was screaming for help.'
  18. 'For a moment it sounded like a woman screaming for help.'
  19. 'As I wrestled with her on the pavement she screamed abuse in my face and tried to kick Paul.'
  20. 'She screamed a high pitch screech and turned to face the voice.'
  21. 'All three blogs wrote that Wilson later stormed down Senate halls, screaming obscenities.'
  22. 'Her mother was screaming filthy obscenities and it was wrong of her to do that.'
  23. with clause 'his supporters scream that he is being done an injustice'
  24. 'The younger of the two finally regained her bearing and stood up, ready to indignantly scream at her sister.'
  25. '‘The last he saw Harry, a fireman was screaming at him to get out,’ said his brother-in-law.'
  26. 'Her naked pain screams from the pages of the book.'
  27. 'Meanwhile they screamed, ‘Why do French film-makers demand real sex?’'
  28. 'A thousand questions are screaming for attention at the back of my skull, and it's hard ignoring them all.'
  29. 'One of my earliest childhood memories is of my little sister screaming, ‘Move out of the way, big back!’'
  30. 'At some point, though, our inner lives may scream for our attention, and this can come as a complete surprise.'
  31. 'Your training partner is screaming for you to move the bar an inch, half of an inch - anything to prove you're still alive, but your strength is all gone.'
  32. 'The ambulance instantly ground to a halt and the driver leaned out of his window and screamed for Patrick to move out of the way.'
  33. 'It's his favorite move, and history screams that it'll hurt the campaign if he insists on it.'
Make a loud, high-pitched sound.
  1. 'Ambulance sirens screamed as if enraged at the sight of a Baghdad car bombing.'
  2. 'The sirens screamed even louder as the ambulance had arrived.'
  3. 'Thankfully, the EMS was located just around the corner, their approaching sirens screaming.'
  4. 'Traffic became grid-locked and sirens screamed as fire engines and ambulances tried to negotiate a way through the chaos.'
  5. 'The car followed, lights flashing and sirens screaming.'
  6. 'As we were leaving the scene, we passed at least four fire trucks heading towards the park, sirens screaming.'
  7. 'When the air raid sirens screamed, they left in their apartment building scrambled for the cellar.'
  8. 'To my surprise the ambulance siren screamed to life and the vehicle departed heading east to the highway.'
  9. 'I had thought they were so cool wearing those yellow jackets and red hats, riding around on big red trucks with sirens screaming.'
  10. 'When Hannah opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a stretcher, with sirens screaming loudly in her ears.'
  11. 'a shell screamed overhead'
  12. 'Epsom grabbed the winner two minutes from time when a midfield ball dropped to Shoefield, whose shot screamed past Jones into the net.'
  13. 'The young Spaniard swung at it and sent the ball screaming past the helpless Gianluigi Buffon and into the left-hand side of the Juve goal.'
  14. 'There were no bells sounding, no fireworks screaming through the sky, and no audience to clap and cheer us on.'
  15. 'His ship was hit and destroyed as a Kratch ship screamed past the squadron.'
  16. 'As the bullets went screaming past the bodies, four drones opened fire on them.'
  17. 'He launched himself into a spectacular overhead kick that screamed past Walker into the Walsall net.'
  18. 'Samuel crossed and Solano's audacious volley screamed just past the post.'
  19. 'The ambulance screamed past lighting my face in alternate colours as I trudged up William Street.'
Turn informer.


    A long, loud, piercing cry expressing extreme emotion or pain.
    1. 'Kirby tried to let out a loud scream but the sound never made it out of her mouth.'
    2. 'Frightened screams echoed some houses away, probably kids scaring themselves in some Halloween slumber party.'
    3. 'War cries became screams of pain under the deadly rain.'
    4. 'Loud cheers and slight screams were heard all around me and I turned to Zach grinning.'
    5. 'Late at night I heard screams, not of pain, but of sheer agony, coming from the floors below.'
    6. 'North Kent police said the three left empty handed after being scared off by the woman's screams for help.'
    7. 'He blacked out for a few seconds, then came to, to the sound of his own screams.'
    8. 'One of the puppies hopped on Pepe, and the baby let out a scream of either extreme delight or pain.'
    9. 'Every now and then, screams of delight added to the atmosphere of competition.'
    10. 'He had been told to ‘mind his own business’ when he complained about the police brutality after having heard the screams of pain from his brother.'
    11. 'the screams of the seagulls'
    12. 'A low rumbling and high-pitched scream of an animal came from somewhere out in the fog.'
    A loud, piercing sound.
    1. 'Then the world was reduced to a maddening thrum frequently pierced by the high-pitched scream of generators.'
    2. 'More than 700 alarms, which emit a high-pitched 130 decibel scream, have been sold in a four-day frenzy.'
    3. 'From the hallway, the high-pitched screams of the heart monitor could be clearly heard and it resonated in Lucas' ears.'
    An irresistibly funny person, thing, or situation.
    1. 'Some of the perfunctory descriptions they offer of the movies they sell on DVD are a scream.'

    More definitions

    1. to utter a loud, sharp, piercing cry.

    2. to emit a shrill, piercing sound: The sirens and whistles screamed.

    3. to laugh immoderately or uncontrollably: The comedian had the audience screaming.

    4. to shout or speak shrilly, especially with harsh or exaggerated words: They screamed across the back fence.

    5. to play or sing in a high, loud, harsh manner.

    6. to be conspicuous or startling: That red dress really screams. verb (used with object)

    7. to u

    More examples(as adjective)

    "people can be scream at people."

    "people can be scream."


    Middle English: origin uncertain; perhaps from Middle Dutch.