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Score or mark the surface of (something) with a sharp or pointed object.
  1. no object 'he scratched at a stain on his jacket'
  2. 'Place a canvas drop cloth over the floor of the tub or shower to protect the surface from the sand-like grout that can scratch it.'
  3. 'Let only the flat edge of the blade touch the surface to prevent scratching it.'
  4. 'As you can see in the picture below, a deliberate attempt to damage the mousing surface by scratching it with a key caused very little damage.'
  5. 'Use a narrow wooden spatula or similar tool that won't scratch the wok's cooking surface.'
  6. 'When the businessman returned to his car, however, he found that one of the locals had taken a nail to it, badly scratching the paint.'
  7. 'On my return I found that my vehicle was scratched with what seems to be a very sharp instrument - perhaps a nail - from the front fender to the back tail gate.'
  8. 'He still had on some armor that covered his rather muscular physique, but it was scratched and dented pretty badly.'
  9. 'Don't try to remove it all by scraping or you will scratch the surfaces.'
  10. 'Early treatises advise rubbing the surface with garlic, but more usually the panel was scratched slightly to provide some tooth to which the paint can adhere.'
  11. 'Never use abrasives on either anodized or painted surfaces as they will scratch it.'
  12. 'I scratched myself on the tree'
  13. 'His face, arms and legs were badly scratched and his clothes were torn.'
  14. 'She told me that, without any warning, the cat had jumped on her, scratched her, and bitten her in the right arm.'
  15. 'He developed a facial infection after being scratched by a rose thorn.'
  16. 'The 44-year-old housekeeper alleged Campbell punched and scratched her face so badly she went to hospital.'
  17. 'A branch scratched him on the arm, ripping lightly into his flesh and a skimpy drop of blood came out.'
  18. 'I am always stubbing my toe, smashing my arms against walls, tripping over, scratching myself.'
  19. 'In a minor scuffle with a thief, the colleague is wounded when a fellow passenger scratches him accidentally.'
  20. 'His face was scratched and his robe was stained with crimson.'
  21. 'The branches were scratching the two men's arms as they went through the woods, one dragging the other.'
  22. 'She showed no sign of caring that her slim boyish legs, encased in her elder brothers khaki shorts, were being scratched by the thorns of the roses that she skedaddled past.'
  23. 'He could not walk, talk, lift his arms, feed himself or scratch himself.'
  24. 'I'm just scratching your back to make you feel more comfortable, " I explained.'
  25. 'Yawning, the teenage girl reached to scratch her neck, and felt the marks left there on her vein.'
  26. 'Huck itches all over and tries not to scratch himself so he doesn't make any noise.'
  27. '‘Uh, yea,’ Mark said scratching the back of his neck and walking closer to me.'
  28. 'She relaxed a bit, and lightly scratched her chin.'
  29. 'Then it started on my face and some other parts of my body which you cannot scratch in public.'
  30. 'As he stood scratching his belly, dragging long sharp nails through the thin fur there, he decided that a simple favor was needed.'
  31. '‘No,’ said I scratching my shoulder and looking over at Poppy, my most excellent beagle, who was trying to catch a bumble bee.'
  32. 'The more you thought about not scratching it, the worse it itched.'
  33. 'I found two names scratched on one of the windowpanes'
  34. 'A large red heart with the figure of a female nude scratched on the surface, was a favourite of his fiancée and was painted shortly after he met her.'
  35. 'Pictures of hunters were painted or scratched on cave walls all over the world.'
  36. 'To determine whether the liposomes spread onto the DPPA surface as a monolayer or bilayer, a defect was scratched into the lipid surface.'
  37. 'He scratched his name into the silica surface in a popular act of vandalism.'
  38. 'Most often, the entire presentation surface of a redware object was covered with white slip, and a design was then scratched into the surface.'
  39. 'Jamali also paints on cork, mixing pigments and scratching imagery onto the surface with sticks and his fingernails.'
  40. 'Engraving is done by scratching a drawing with a sharp tool on a metal sheet and then making a print from the scratched lines.'
  41. 'Yes, a dark-haired, humanly-dressed faerie was dragging the pen back and forth, scratching out words onto the paper.'
  42. 'Andrew nodded, tore a page out of the sketch book in his pocket and scratched out his number with a stumpy pencil hooked in the books ring binder.'
  43. 'He held out the paper again, so I hurriedly scratched my name on his dotted line.'
  44. 'James watched as the good doctor scratched out a quick report on some looseleaf.'
  45. 'Returning when she needed to the ink well, she scratched out her scribbling in a fine script that even the most cultured hand would envy.'
  46. 'Hawksblade chuckled as he read the next line scratched out in ink.'
  47. 'The entire bus ride, I scratched out the most scathing letter.'
  48. 'She scratched out a note with a slightly shaky hand, folded it, and attached it to the leather straps tied to the skytyr's foot.'
  49. 'I grabbed a pen and scratched down ‘goodbye’ on a napkin.'
  50. 'Then the woman scratched out a note and placed it beneath the glass of water at his bedside.'
  51. 'The lines have been scratched out using a needle, on a canvas smeared with oil colours.'
  52. 'Cleanup crews watched in horror as otters scratched out their own eyes to rid them of oil.'
  53. 'there was a sound of scratching behind the wall'
  54. 'His fingernails scraped, scratched at the doorknob with urgency.'
  55. 'It seemed to have been a bird scratching at her window.'
  56. 'Activists did not consider it Scottish enough and chose a new logo featuring a lion apparently scratching at a red door.'
  57. 'I wolfed it, famished, while cats scratched at gaps in the floorboards and invisible mice.'
  58. 'The dog scratched and padded around the place and pushed his dish across the kitchen floor tiles.'
  59. 'We heard scratching behind the kitchen units three nights ago.'
  60. 'It really is quite remarkable the way in which those cute little white paws can convey such anger and indignation when they are scratching relentlessly on one's bedroom door.'
  61. 'There was a sound of claws scratching against stone, then a heavy thud.'
  62. 'Down here is all darkness, the only sound the slur of rain in the dirt, water rats scratching inside the walls.'
  63. 'If the cat is scratching at the door and meowing to be let out, just ignore him.'
  64. 'Throwing scratch grain around will get the hens scratching, which will fluff up the bedding and keep it well mixed.'
  65. 'Hens enjoy scratching, preening and dustbathing and the deep straw covered floor encourages these social activities.'
  66. 'You'll feel a smug warmth every time you pass a broiler chicken house and think of your own happy, healthy poultry scratching in the dust at home.'
  67. 'As they talked, one of his chickens scratched up a coin that the young Swede recognised (so he says) as bearing the head of the Emperor Augustus.'
  68. 'When it hatched, it grew up like other chickens, picking and scratching for food.'
  69. 'The man still thinks in terms of animal manure and chickens scratching in the yard.'
  70. 'Several chickens scratched about outside what appeared to be a chicken coop.'
  71. 'By the halfway mark of our stay, I took to wandering down to the stables to count the remaining ducks scratching around in the straw and ensure there was no danger of a supply crisis before we left.'
  72. 'People are bargaining, arguing, gossiping; dogs are bickering, chickens scratching in the dirt.'
  73. 'She could here the birds scratching at the ground outside her tent, the leaves on on the tree by the door blowing in the brisk wind.'
  74. 'Improvident tax cuts by state legislatures and faltering investment returns have left educational institutions, both public and private, scratching for every nickel and dime.'
  75. 'He is going to be in your face, pushing the norm, scratching for revenues, defying you to slap him down and shut him up.'
  76. 'The Caribbean has been scratching for its economic niche for a long time.'
  77. 'But on a slow news day, when you're scratching around for something to fill the bulletin with, you decide to turn the shoddy release into 20 seconds of copy.'
  78. 'Will this project encourage the creation of new and original art; or will it simply boost the local economy and leave artists scratching for the remaining crumbs?'
  79. 'You're scratching for things to do outside of the actual working part of the day.'
  80. 'We didn't end up finding anything for him - I was scratching for suggestions, trying to get him thinking.'
  81. 'She understands she's been an attractive target for journalists scratching for the next headline.'
  82. 'Look for the team to get better at scratching for runs with bunts and the hit-and-run.'
  83. 'Hendley held out hope the rest of the night that the Cubs might scratch out a run, but saw those hopes diminish rapidly as Koufax got stronger and stronger.'
  84. 'From nowhere, she started scratching out a reasonable living.'
  85. 'Oldham continue to scratch out wins - can they keep it going all season or will their luck change?'
  86. 'The rare few that still survived clung on at the edge of society, scratching a living from what little they could find in their woodland domains.'
  87. 'The band still had to deal with the problem of coming off the payroll and switching from playing large venues to rolling round the club circuit, scratching a living.'
  88. 'Gradually the West Mayo team got a foothold and they scratched out three points before the break to give themselves a chance.'
  89. 'Failing to scratch out a run against a starter such as Kip Wells is much different than what happened Sunday.'
  90. 'The Mariners and the Tigers scratch out their runs with bunts, strings of hits and a willingness to move the runners.'
  91. 'The Redskins have been in the play-offs just once since Gibbs left and have scratched out one winning season since 1997.'
  92. 'Fifty per cent of Madagascar's population earn less than one US dollar per year, scratching a living from the parched red earth or feeding themselves by fishing.'
  93. 'many architects now scratch along doing loft conversions'
  94. 'A few of them earn quite well, but most scratch along putting in long hours and earning no more than average wages.'
Cancel or strike out (writing) with a pen or pencil.
  1. 'The postcard itself has a postmark from 1958 and has some writing on it which is still visible, even though violently scratched out.'
  2. 'I borrowed the nametag keeper's pen and scratched out as much of the name on the tag as I could, attempting to replace it with my actual, real name.'
  3. 'It had over a dozen different words written on it and all were scratched out except for the last.'
  4. 'Forthworth took a pen out of his pocket, and scratched out the part about sustaining life.'
  5. 'She - I assumed it was a she - had scratched out the original name and put her own name in its place.'
  6. 'It's full of marks and words that are scratched out here and there.'
  7. 'The rest I put back into their boxes, scratched out my address and replaced it with theirs, and sent them off.'
  8. 'Later, when they checked his wallet, they found that he had scratched out his address in his passport and any other details that would have helped them contact his family.'
  9. 'Nerissa shrugged in return as she scratched out whatever it had been that she'd been drawing.'
  10. 'I furiously scratched out what I had just written in the notebook, and replaced it with more than just a few malicious thoughts.'
  11. 'Jolie's Halo was scratched from a minor stakes race at Monmouth Park'
  12. 'Speedy Punta, a six-year-old gelding by Punta Arenas, was tested on course and scratched from his intended race.'
  13. 'The German was branded a cheat and scratched from that year's drivers' championship for unsportsmanlike conduct.'
  14. 'The committee have decided that players who have not played the games by that date will be automatically scratched from the competition.'
  15. 'May was able to pitch but was scratched because of a renewed muscle tweak.'
  16. 'Shine Again is a half sister to four-year-old Shiny Band, who was scratched from the First Flight.'
  17. 'Two of the original four West Virginia-breds were scratched from the event.'
  18. 'Last year French was banned from racing for two years and scratched from Olympic competition for life.'
  19. 'Injuries have played a part - he was scratched from a start earlier this week with a sore right shoulder.'
  20. 'Wells suffered a strained left groin muscle during a May 23 start at Toronto and was scratched from his next outing.'
  21. 'Failure to play before the deadline may result in both players being scratched from the competition without notice.'
  22. 'Both silver medalists at the Athens Olympics have had to scratch from their event.'
  23. 'He advanced to the semi-finals in the former and to the finals in the latter, then scratched from both events in order to focus on other upcoming swims.'
  24. 'Only four of the original 15 entrants scratched out of the race, which was contested over a muddy track.'
  25. 'Wednesday's launch was scratched because of a reading of low current from a battery system on the rocket's second stage.'
  26. 'York RI will also play a fixture originally scratched because of poor weather when they travel to Northallerton in Yorkshire Three.'
Play a record using the scratch technique.
  1. 'The act consists of three men dressed in tails and armed with violins bow in synch with turntable scratching.'
  2. 'It's got scratching, it's got acoustic guitars.'
  3. 'When I work with Obscure, I try to think of what can be done with scratching on this record that hasn't been done before.'
  4. 'Beginning with DJ Olive's wavering synthetic tones, shouts, drums and scratching follow to form a sonic melee with an appreciable sense of forward motion.'
  5. 'I'm chopping up and scratching more - it's like I'm a new DJ again.'
  6. 'The combo of bongo drums and some sharp scratching from DJ Kilmore was pretty impressive.'
  7. 'The Tory leader had a go at scratching and mixing on record decks when he visited the Fusion Project to talk to young people.'
  8. 'Young people are invited to attend workshops and master classes in everything from graffiti art to hip-hop and urban dance to scratching and break dancing.'
  9. 'In fact, there is more scratching on this CD than on any I have heard in recent years.'
  10. 'Instead, Teeba does his talking with his turntables, scratching with great dexterity and impeccable rhythmic flair.'

More definitions

1. to break, mar, or mark the surface of by rubbing, scraping, or tearing with something sharp or rough: to scratch one's hand on a nail.

2. to dig, scrape, or tear (something) out or off with or as if with the nails, claws, etc.: to scratch the burs off one's coat.

3. to rub or scrape slightly, as with the fingernails, to relieve itching.

4. to rub or draw along a rough, grating surface: to scratch a match on the sidewalk.

5. to erase, cancel, strike out, o

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be scratching in/at/on surfaces."

"people can be scratching by teatimes."

"miners can be scratching around cities."

"people can be scratching."

"sounds can be scratching."

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