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The action of scrambling up or over rough or steep ground, especially as a leisure activity.
  1. 'The descent down into the gully seemed like the hard section was in the beginning with some scrambling down boulders.'
  2. 'Further scrambling is required, particularly on the exposed Pinnacles section after the first of two Munros on the traverse.'
  3. 'It took a bit of scrambling, but we finally made it to the cliffs.'
  4. 'It threaded a route up through those walls and cracks, real exploratory scrambling, and then on up the narrowing ridge to the summit of Ainshval.'
  5. 'There is some scrambling involved before the summit which is followed by a curved ridge that connects Sgorr Bhan to Sgorr Dhearg.'
  6. 'This involves a certain amount of easy scrambling, but is well worth the effort.'
  7. 'The summit itself, which lies west of the col, involves some awkward scrambling but the views are as good from the col as the summit.'
  8. 'The Short Leachas is steeper and involves some scrambling, while the Long Leachas is technically easier.'
  9. 'he started racing in motorcycle scrambling at the age of ten'
  10. 'Police and council officers have launched a joint operation to combat illegal off-road scrambling.'
  11. 'His interest in motorsport began with the early years of scrambling and grass track racing, and his expertise saw him snapped up to ride for Workington before the war.'
The alteration of the speech frequency of a telephone conversation or broadcast transmission so as to make it unintelligible without a decoding device.
  1. 'This method and apparatus for combined encryption and scrambling of information takes place on a shared medium network.'
  2. 'The simplest form of scrambling inverts the high and low points in the signal.'
  3. 'This is a method of modifying pseudo-random sequences and a device for scrambling or descrambling information components.'

More definitions

1. to climb or move quickly using one's hands and feet, as down a rough incline.

2. to compete or struggle with others for possession or gain: The children scrambled for the coins we tossed.

3. to move hastily and with urgency: She scrambled into her coat and ran out the door.

4. Military. (of pilots or aircraft) to take off as quickly as possible to intercept enemy planes. verb (used with object), scrambled, scrambling.

5. to col

More examples(as adjective)

"forays can be scrambling."