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A girl attending school.
  1. 'She felt giddy, all of a sudden, like a little schoolgirl with a crush.'
  2. 'They helped each other with their hair that Saturday afternoon, and almost felt like young schoolgirls going out on their first date.'
  3. 'She's arguably Japan's biggest and most beloved pop star of this millennium, an industry standard that inspires messianic devotion from schoolgirls and salarymen alike.'
  4. 'This past week of September has proven to be a very difficult one for young schoolgirls and their parents.'
  5. 'The story is one of passion, in this case between two adolescent schoolgirls, room-mates at an all-girl boarding school.'
  6. 'In addition, there is a high rate of pregnancy among schoolgirls, usually requiring that they leave school.'
  7. 'Should schoolgirls or teachers be allowed to wear veils in public schools?'
  8. 'More Irish secondary schoolgirls drive to school than cycle.'
  9. 'Like some poor little schoolgirl with a cute little crush, she lived off everything he said, and did.'
  10. 'schoolgirl French'
  11. 'The nymph had a black schoolgirl outfit on and also had wings.'
  12. 'A little voice inside of her screamed with schoolgirl excitement.'
  13. 'This pathetic schoolgirl crush is entirely intellectual and virtual.'
  14. 'But both the style and content remain at the level of schoolgirl reportage.'
  15. 'She clearly prefers Shackleton, having a rather irritating schoolgirl crush on him.'
  16. 'There was no criminal intent in that schoolgirl case.'
  17. 'Who knows if what I'm feeling for you is some schoolgirl crush or a real thing and that's something I have to figure out for myself.'
  18. 'I would have, if I wasn't so close to collapsing into giggling schoolgirl hysterics.'
  19. 'Batwings, schoolgirl ties, frizzy hair, layered lipgloss, bleached barnets and ruffled skirts are just a few of the 80s disco elements which cropped up on this season's catwalks.'
  20. 'I'm a 39-year-old happily married woman with a great big, stupid, inappropriate schoolgirl crush on a single guy who works for my company.'

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1. a girl attending school.

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"years can be schoolgirl."

"killings can be schoolgirl."

"textbooks can be schoolgirl."

"shootings can be schoolgirl."

"yen can be schoolgirl."

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