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(especially of food, money, or some other resource) insufficient for the demand.
  1. 'Black market trading in scarce food and petrol puts inflation closer to 700%.'
  2. 'Even impoverished Southerners snubbed peanuts until food was scarce.'
  3. 'Attractive though the technique appears, we must demand more from such an expensive and still scarce resource.'
  4. 'Ordinary people, after all, just want to get along with their lives, with the routine and mundane task of eking out a living out of scarce resources.'
  5. 'Coastal land resources are scarce because of high demand and low supply.'
  6. 'Public money is involved, by definition a scarce resource that has many competing claims to its use.'
  7. 'Difficult choices must be made in the allocation of scarce resources between current and capital expenditure.'
  8. 'I start from the basic supposition that economics is the study of allocating scarce resources and not simply the study of money.'
  9. 'Food was scarce and money flooded off the presses. 476 million rubles were printed in April, one billion in July.'
  10. 'We look at cost structure, how you're spending money, how you prioritize scarce resources.'
  11. 'the freshwater shrimp becomes scarce in soft water'
  12. 'Places for under fives are getting scarce in the area.'
  13. 'The report says the common skate is so scarce recent surveys to assess their status failed to find a single one.'
  14. 'It is this lack that has made archeological finds scarce and precious, finds like the one Dan made.'
  15. 'These actions have been carried out openly, but opposition within Canada has been scarce or nonexistent.'
  16. 'They were the secret of that period of time. They are still fairly rare, fairly scarce.'
  17. 'It's thrilling; moments like this are scarce in smug, self-satisfied hip-hop.'


  1. 'I went to the bucket but there was scarce any left.'
  2. 'At that moment the beast-man charged the Kshatriya; Viro scarce had time to roll.'


1. insufficient to satisfy the need or demand; not abundant: Meat and butter were scarce during the war.

2. seldom met with; rare: a scarce book. adverb

3. scarcely. Idioms

4. make oneself scarce, Informal. to depart, especially suddenly. to stay away; avoid.

More examples(as adjective)

"offers can be scarce in markets."

"nothings can be scarce as lands."

"lands can be scarce in people."

"interests can be scarce in metals."

"informations can be scarce on events."

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Middle English (in the sense ‘restricted in quantity or size’, also ‘parsimonious’): from a shortening of Anglo-Norman escars, from a Romance word meaning ‘plucked out, selected’.


make oneself scarce