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A province governed by a satrap.
  1. 'Once Alexander had destroyed the professional core of Persians and mercenary Greeks at Issus, Darius had to rely on levies from outlying satrapies.'
  2. 'The show presents its monumental architecture, its military might, the way it controlled and administered its dominions through provincial satrapies and the network of roads that traversed its vast distances.'
  3. 'In the first decade of the sixth century, the Persians invaded Thrace and made it part of the satrapy of Skudra.'
  4. 'Born in New Delhi in 1941, when the Raj had less than a decade left in existence, he has not let the twilight of the British Empire impede him from becoming governor-general of his own satrapy.'
  5. 'The empire's satrapies stretched from the Indus to the Aegean, and delicate reliefs on the walls of the Apadana Palace depict Libyans, Ethiopians, Egyptians, Turks and others bearing tributes to Darius.'

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1. the province or jurisdiction of a satrap.

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"lands can be satrapy."